How Learning to relax is very important.

The truth is that no one teaches us how to relax, no one tells us how we can stop the mind to be relaxed. There are relaxation techniques that help us to have peace of mind.

Luisa Garcia has more than 40 years as a nurse and about 20 years in the mental health unit attending all kinds of patients, patients with anxiety, people with many fears, people who did not want to continue living.

“I simply began to tell what had helped me and it is true that there were people with suicide attempts. There are people with anxiety levels that they think they are dying and they cannot leave the house, and there comes a time when they realize that the drugs no longer help them. Or people who come directly and tell you that they do not want drugs. I have been a nurse for 40 years and I have always had a vocation. I always liked to help others and to be happy as I try to be, I started since I left the School of Nursing I started working an ICU in La Paz and then in Puerta de Hierro in the surgical ICU with all kinds of transplants and all kinds of surgeries and it was a very nice job, but there came a time when I got exhausted I tried to leave and life put it to me they called a place in the mental health center of Majadahonda and I had the specialty, they put me to give to relaxation groups that I had never done.”

The mind makes us suffer and if we do not know how to manage our thoughts and emotions, it can make us have a really bad time.

Luisa García de Lucio author of the book “Breathe your Life” teaches us how to relax through relaxation exercises. Meditation helps us, makes us connect with ourselves and achieve inner peace, but in order to meditate, it is important to learn to relax.

The first thing is to relax:

is the first step to start meditating. It is very difficult to enter a meditative state without being relaxed. Relaxes the body, mind and emotions. Calm anxiety, fear and hopelessness to relax the emotion, lower its intensity and be able to observe it.

Be with yourself.

Meditation is being with yourself. We must know ourselves, be with ourselves without judging ourselves, knowing your defects and also your virtues. We all have a community of neighbors, so there is the sad neighbor, the happy neighbor, the beautiful neighbor, the ugly neighbor, the arrogant neighbor, the humble neighbor, and all those neighbors are me.

Accept yourself Know yourself to accept yourself.

We must listen to our emotions, they will tell us many things about ourselves to accept it. Accept who we are, what we feel and why we feel it.

Manage your thoughts.

You can do a very easy exercise, you will see how a thought generates an emotion, therefore, the way you feel depends on the thoughts it feeds. If you are aware of this, you will see that it is in your hand and that you can change the way you feel.


Take deep breaths, about 40 breaths taking in and releasing air to gradually let the effects of the breath work on you. Once you have calmed down, ask yourself what do I need? Do I need a hug? Do I need to call someone?

Take care of yourself.

Talk to yourself, call yourself on the phone, do this exercise to ask yourself how you are, how you feel and make a commitment to yourself to call you and talk to you another day.

Know yourself and Question your beliefs,

There is a lot in your subconscious. Question your beliefs and ask yourself why you believe what you believe and why you think what you think, you may discover that some of your beliefs are limiting you or making you suffer. Believe it to create it. You don’t know what you are capable of because your own beliefs about yourself limit you.

Be consistent.

Being well is a daily work, so you must be patient and constant since the results are not immediate. Don’t be fooled. Don’t tell yourself stories. We don’t like change, we are lazy and afraid, so we tell ourselves stories, we make excuses so we don’t have to do anything. Overcome those fears and stop making excuses to change.

Be aware.

Being aware is the first step to change. Consciousness will make you change.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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Learning to relax the mind and emotions

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