Our objectives

1. If we get people to take a more conscious look at themselves and their environment, we will be helping thousands of people to have a better, more balanced life, with less suffering. We put the focus of awareness on the observation of aspects that affect our daily lives.

2. If we get people to be more aware and have a better life, we know that they will be more aware of the planet, taking care of it and respecting it.


more than 10 million views.

In Wake Up you will find Conferences, Interviews, Documentaries, Articles and Information Capsules, related to self-knowledge and awakening of consciousness in the world.

  1. We generate free content to help you in your life, in your daily life. We disseminate content from different references and authors so that you do not believe anything, but experience it and put it into practice in your life and start thinking for yourself.
  2. We are the surface from which rockets take off, ideas, initiatives, events and activities for people who want to awaken, are in the process of awakening or have already awakened their consciousness.

We are a multimedia platform of conscious content.

Don't believe anything, experiment for yourself.

In Wake up you can enjoy more than 200 videos totally free for you.

To enjoy all Premium Content, and full, uncut Yoga Class, you must be a Seeker.

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We are a school for Self-Knowledge

  1. Maybe the videos and articles help you but you feel it's not enough and you want to embark on a professional development path with one of our celebrity trainers. Find courses for personal development and Self-knowledge.
  2. Courses, Workshops and Workshops that will help you in your development, with professionals and trainers that will accompany you on your inner journey.

Think for yourself


A meeting place for people who think differently

  1. To be someone conscious is to be someone who thinks differently, someone who thinks for himself, even though this has consequences and we know that this is not easy. Nowadays, the environment exerts pressure on those who dare to think, say or do things that go beyond the norm, even stigmatizing them, which sometimes causes conscious people to live apart or isolated. We create a space where you can think, do, and create in freedom, without pressure and without prejudices.
  2. In the wakeup Community you will find forums, groups, activities and meetings aimed at conscious people or people who are at some point in the journey of awakening consciousness. We reinforce the concept of community, with a social network where you will find people who are willing to change, people like you, similar to you, with whom you can talk, share, grow and learn.

What if we get together? We are sure that together we grow more

Wake up is non-profit, which means that all our activities, including financial ones, will always be communicated and published in a regular and transparent manner. After assuming the inevitable costs, any kind of profit obtained, wherever it comes from, will be used exclusively for the diffusion of consciousness in the world.

Don't believe anything you've just read, experience it for yourself, register and start living your Wake up experience.


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