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In a revealing interview for Wake up, Rafa Puertas, Founder of Intervida, social entrepreneur, writer and promoter of Konconsciencia, invites us to dive into the intriguing mystery of existence by asking the fundamental question: What is the soul? Through his unique and enriching perspective, Puertas becomes a bold guide, unraveling the layers of consciousness and spirituality to offer us a transformative vision that challenges conventional notions of identity and purpose.

The interview becomes a gateway to an introspective journey, guided by the profound question about the nature of the soul. Rafa Puertas not only approaches this question as an abstract concept, but as a beacon that illuminates the deepest mysteries of our existence. His approach arouses curiosity and challenges the mind to explore dimensions beyond tangible reality.

In Puertas’ words, the soul becomes the epicenter of his reflection, a concept that goes beyond conventional labels and pre-established definitions. By unraveling the layers of consciousness and spirituality, he invites us to question our ingrained perceptions and consider the possibility that the true essence of who we are goes beyond what can be measured or quantified.

The transformative vision that Puertas presents challenges conventional notions of identity and purpose. Instead of limiting us to social roles and worldly labels, it encourages us to explore the authenticity of our spiritual selves. In this approach, the soul becomes a common thread that connects our human experience with a deeper and more meaningful reality.

The Soul as Master:

In the words of Puertas, the soul and consciousness are presented as the master keys that unlock the fundamental answer to the transcendental question of existence: Who are we really? This is not simply an intellectual inquiry; it is an exploration of the very essence of our identity. The vision of Puertas goes beyond the limited notion of simply being names associated with an identity card (DNI); it encourages us to look beyond worldly labels and connect with our true spiritual nature.

Puertas postulates that, at our core, we are spiritual beings experiencing the human condition. This statement challenges the conventional perspective that tends to reduce the complexity of existence to mere physical identities and social roles. By highlighting the inherent spirituality, Puertas invites us to consider the possibility that our true reality transcends mere materiality.

The idea that the soul acts as an inner teacher suggests a dynamic relationship between our consciousness and the inner guidance provided by the soul. It is as if within us resides a wise guide, capable of unveiling the deepest mysteries of our existence. In this context, the soul becomes a beacon that illuminates our path towards understanding who we are at our most authentic core.

Awakening of Consciousness:

The recognition of ourselves as incarnated souls marks the starting point of this spiritual metamorphosis. Puertas invites us to go beyond the conventional perception of human existence and to immerse ourselves in the understanding that we are much more than physical bodies and names on identity documents. This recognition is not limited to a theoretical statement, but drives an experiential connection to the very essence of who we are.

The awakening of consciousness, according to Puertas, goes beyond a simple intellectual awareness. It is a deep connection with our true essence, an experience that goes straight to the heart of our identity as spiritual beings. This awakening, then, is not just about understanding the idea of being incarnated souls; it is a process that resonates in every fiber of our being, transforming the way we experience and perceive life.

This inner transformation, driven by the awakening of consciousness, has a direct impact on our priorities and life choices. Puertas suggests that, as we become aware of our spiritual nature, our perspectives change. Material goals and superficial pursuits give way to a deeper understanding of our purpose in this human journey. The awakening of consciousness, therefore, becomes a beacon that guides our choices and actions towards a direction more aligned with our true essence.

Beyond the Physical Body:

Rafa Puertas, the visionary founder of Intervida, challenges us to reflect deeply on our existence in the world, inviting us to transcend the limitations of the physical body. According to Puertas, our presence in this world is not reduced to the accumulation of material possessions; rather, it calls us to recognize that we are here to be. This transformative perspective suggests that beyond our physical sheath, we are spiritual entities with a higher purpose.

Puertas’ statement urges a fundamental reconsideration of our goals and values in a world predominantly driven by materialistic culture. The idea that we are here not just to accumulate possessions, but to be, challenges the conventional narrative that associates success and personal fulfillment with material achievement and wealth. It invites us to explore deeper dimensions of our existence and to find meaning beyond physical limitations.

The call of Doors to being beyond having becomes a direct challenge to the culture of consumerism and the constant search for more. He urges us to question the validity of measuring our happiness and success in terms of material possessions, and instead encourages us to focus on our spiritual growth and positive contribution to the community and the world.

The notion that we are spiritual entities is accompanied by the idea of a higher purpose. Puertas suggests that by recognizing and embracing our spirituality, we find a deeper sense of purpose in our existence. This perspective challenges the idea that life is only about individual pursuit of pleasures and comforts, proposing a narrative in which personal fulfillment is intrinsically linked to spiritual connection and service to others.


In this revealing interview, Rafa Puertas guides us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves, asking essential questions about the soul and consciousness. His approach not only arouses curiosity, but also triggers an inner transformation that can change the way we live our lives. The invitation is clear: to transcend the perceived limitations of human existence and explore the richness of our spiritual being.

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