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Alejandro Guerra

Alejandro Guerra - Founder

Wake up is born from the personal need for self-knowledge, it is an awakening after hitting rock bottom. We live asleep, we go on automatic, but we can stop doing so thanks to self-knowledge, which offers us valuable answers to our questions. Wake up has become a philosophy of life, a way of living consciously on the planet, which allows me to continue to know myself every day. On the other hand, it offers me the possibility to share knowledge of value to the world, offering a path, a space and an accompaniment in the process of awakening consciousness, for all those who are looking for answers.

Alejandro Guerra

Minerva Rossi - Training Manager (Barcelona)

I support any initiative that helps to bring people closer to self-knowledge and personal growth, that's why I collaborate with Wake Up. I believe that we have a great inner power that can help us live better and that we are beginning to glimpse it as a society. Wake Up is a source of inspiration that brings a ray of light and helps us to heal our wounds and move towards a greater love for ourselves, for others and for life.

Alejandro Guerra

Rafa Puertas - Contributor (Barcelona)

The change we all hope for in the world starts with us. It is time for us to initiate a true inner revolution, expanding our Consciousness and experiencing what a full life means. Wake Up points in that direction, providing us with knowledge and useful tools for all of us who decide to undertake this change of direction in our lives. A project that I join because of its innovative spirit and the excellence of its contents, in the confidence of being able to contribute my own experience as a social entrepreneur and creator of multiple humanitarian organizations around the world, such as Intervida, Solaris or Awakening Jagriti and for our emotional and spiritual development, such as Konconsciencia.

Alejandro Guerra

Iñaki Gil - Contributor (London)

From the first moment I had contact and knowledge of WakeUp, I sensed the helpful energy that floated around it. When I met Alex, its founder, I corroborated this intuition, and I could see his true altruistic and non-commercial interest, dedicating his time and material resources not for his own direct benefit as a first objective, but for the good of society, contributing his grain of sand in a brilliant way. I understand that everyone in our lives has a purpose for growth, and that many of us may not yet be aware of the reason for the existence of the human experience. Living without a sense of life is perhaps commonplace, and that is why so many people do not find the confidence and strength to get up from the stumbling blocks that Life puts in our path of learning. Alex and WakeUp help now, and even more in the future, more people to find tools for their inner growth, emptying some stones from our ignorant backpack, knowing that the Light is always waiting. Whatever I can in this sense Help will be my primary reason for collaboration with WakeUp, knowing in advance that the ultimate motive is my own personal growth disguised as Service to others. Thank you for allowing me to continue learning

Alejandro Guerra

Roberto Whyte - Contributor (Madrid)

Being connected with the Wake Up spirit represents projecting myself into a link with the best of human consciousness. The reflections, beliefs and paths that are traced in this paradigmatic project help me to live and to look beyond where my own gaze reaches, integrating me into a universe of contrasts that gives meaning to life."

Alejandro Guerra

Alanis Marina - Collaborator (Madrid)

Collaborating with Wake Up is a gift, since we are aligned in the mission: to disseminate valuable information so that people can take control of their lives in all possible aspects and go from having an automaton life, to question the information that comes to them and review their beliefs.This is what I have been doing for more than 5 years and this is what I will continue to do, now also together with Wake Up. Now more than ever it is necessary that we start living from joy, awareness, leadership of ourselves, self-knowledge and why not, humor too. And what better place than this? Where experts in their field share with sincerity and humility their way... Welcome to this community.

Alejandro Guerra

Manuel Porras - Contributor (Madrid)

The most important thing is people. Today's world has major imbalances. Many people live without a clear purpose and follow an unsustainable schedule. I collaborate with Wake Up because conscious living is the best way I know of to align our actions, behaviors and priorities with our values. Wake Up is part of a constant search for ways to give meaning to my life and contribute to improve the lives of my loved ones and as many people as possible.

Iñaki Alcaraz

Iñaki Alcaraz - Contributor (Madrid)

When in 2017 I decided to start my own project to help entrepreneurs and small business owners improve their business and life results, through a strategy, marketing and sales consultancy, my goal is to make my clients' businesses prosperous and in line with their purpose, improving specific aspects of their business projects. In my experience, I have seen that many people are caught up in the daily routine and are unaware of the aspects that affect their daily lives. That's why, in addition to the business, I mainly focus on the people involved. That is why I am so excited to join the WAKE UP platform. With this initiative I share the goal of making people more aware of themselves and their environment. If together we can make people more aware, I believe they will have a better, more balanced life with less suffering. Therefore, being part of a platform to help thousands of people to have a happier, fuller and more meaningful life is consistent with my life purpose.

Alejandro Guerra

Marisa Oltra - Collaborator (Valencia)

Can you imagine 8 billion human beings aware of their consciousness? Why do we exist? Questions like these and many others made me start the inner path towards awakening, and on that path life wanted us to meet. Wake up came into my life in an incredible scenario of self-knowledge, light and love. There are no coincidences and life takes me this way. To flow, the encounter, Peace and love, to bring light so that it reaches as many human beings as possible.

"Think a thought that has never been thought and materialize it." Sergi Torres. July 2022

Alejandro Guerra

Holly Johnston - filmmaker

I think it's a very interesting idea because it makes you realize that we, as humans, have evolved so much that, even to enter the realm of "awakening," we first have to capture our attention span...maybe that's why it's even more difficult these days. wake up! Because very often we are not motivated to think more deeply. I think now we have to use entertainment to get everyone's attention and then, perhaps, people themselves will be able to fall down what we call the rabbit hole. I never realized that enlightenment might be more elusive than in the past. so many distractions.

Alejandro Guerra

Fernando Millán - Editor

A globalized, hypercompetitive and insensitive world is forcing us to become part of a system where our identity as individuals is subordinated to quantifiable figures. However, our emotions are not quantifiable. Our ideas are not quantifiable. Our happiness... is not quantifiable. Self-knowledge, self-mastery and self-acceptance are presented as the only way to deal with a dehumanized gaze system. With Wake Up, I collaborate so that this self-identifying awakening reaches as many people as possible. Helping all of them to observe this world as it really is: one full of LIFE.

Alejandro Guerra

Mariangeles Lucas - Voice-over

Wake up is a platform that provokes different feelings and emotions in me. A place where one can speak freely and touch one's deepest conscience. We are mostly shown a superficial world, but undoubtedly there are other realities that we see on this platform and that help, motivate and enrich us. In short, they help inner growth and give hope. It's a channel I connect with and love. What is more wonderful than life? Let's enjoy this opportunity by collaborating as much as possible!

Alejandro Guerra

Monica Janeiro - Voice-over

I decided to collaborate with Wake up because I like that people who need quality information to know themselves and discover their potential can access it. I loved the platform for being open to bringing together a large community for the same purpose, offering tools and constant content. My way is to give voice to some of the videos, but I think the background is the same that moves us all.


A meeting place for people who think differently

  1. To be someone conscious is to be someone who thinks differently, someone who thinks for himself, even though this has consequences and we know that this is not easy. Nowadays, the environment exerts pressure on those who dare to think, say or do things that go beyond the norm, even stigmatizing them, which sometimes causes conscious people to live apart or isolated. We create a space where you can think, do, and create in freedom, without pressure and without prejudices.
  2. In the wakeup Community you will find forums, groups, activities and meetings aimed at conscious people or people who are at some point in the journey of awakening consciousness. We reinforce the concept of community, with a social network where you will find people who are willing to change, people like you, similar to you, with whom you can talk, share, grow and learn.

What if we get together? We are sure that together we grow more

Wake up is non-profit, which means that all our activities, including financial ones, will always be communicated and published in a regular and transparent manner. After assuming the inevitable costs, any kind of profit obtained, wherever it comes from, will be used exclusively for the diffusion of consciousness in the world.

Don't believe anything you've just read, experience it for yourself, register and start living your Wake up experience.


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