Guided meditations

Free Meditations for registered users

  • Aimed at people who want to get started in meditation.
  • Simple meditations to start practicing
  • Learn to control your mind
  • Tuesdays at 7:30 in Directo
  • Access Recorded classes from home
Control your mind

You will learn to control your mind and your weights.

Conecta Contigo

Connect with your essence and discover the spiritual path.

Wake up

Awaken your consciousness and start living a full life without suffering.

Wake Up Guided Meditations

What are the Wake up Guided Meditations?

Each day we will practice mindfulness with a different meditation. Very simple meditations to start the practice. Duration up to 30 minutes

Access to recorded meditations

We will record all sessions, soyou will have access to meditate at home at your own pace.

Aimed at beginners.

Designed for people who have not yet meditated or are still trying to do so. Hang in there as long as you can, whatever it takes will be fine.

Who teaches them?

Alex Guerra, founder of Wake up. Alex has been meditating for 4 years. He spent a year in retirement practicing meditation, as well as numerous silent retreats to master his mind and his addiction.

The class is free, you only need to register as a searcher.

Who will accompany me in the Meditations?

– The meditations will be guided by Alejandro Guerra Vázquez, founder of Wake up. 


– Alex is not an expert meditator, nor has he spent 10 years in Tibet, yet meditation has changed his life. Mental Control, Emotional Management and Spirituality were the keys that helped him overcome his mental hyperactivity and even an addiction.


– Four years ago he started meditating, going so far as to retreat for a whole year, being alone, in nature, without TV, Internet and Smartphone, meditating 4 times a day.


– Apart from an MBSR and numerous silent retreats, Alex does not have an official qualification as an instructor, he will accompany you from his experience of daily meditation, which helped him to master his mind and suffer less. From there, from experience, he will guide you to start a transformative discipline from the beginning.


If you still do not meditate or have not been able to meditate, now is your time

A good opportunity to start meditating

Here you can start your first meditation

Meditation 1

You will learn to control your mind and your weights.

Meditation 2

We practice meditation outdoors

Meditation 3

Observation of thoughts

Meditation 4

Attention in the Heart

Meditation 5

Connecting with nature and a sense of oneness

Meditation 6

Emotions in the Chest

Meditation 7

Identifying Thoughts and Emotions

Meditation 8

Connecting Mind and Heart

Meditation 9

Observe yourself

Meditation 10

Calming Anxiety

Meditation 11

Jacobson's Progressive Relaxation Technique

Meditation 12

Charge your energy

Meditation 13

Observing the Silence

Meditation 14

   Security and Confidence
Meditation 16

Vital Energy

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