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  • Yoga to help you know yourself
  • Online classes to practice at home
  • Recorded Classes
  • Enjoy all the premium content of the platform (Interviews, Conferences, Documentaries…).
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yoga chico
Know yourself

In addition to the Videos, interviews and Documentaries, continue your path of Self-Knowledge with the
practice of Yoga

sube tu energia
Raise your energy

Boost your energy with the practice of Yoga, which will make you feel better both physically and mentally.

eleva tu conscienci
Raise your Consciousness

Connect your body and mind, reach your essence by raising your level of consciousness.

Learn about our yoga classes

What does the Yoga Online Wake up class consist of?

Each class works on a different part of the body. 10 classes to work your way into the practice of yoga.

Access Recorded Yoga Classes

You will have access to the recorded classes to watch them as many times as you need and practice at home on your own.

Both intermediate and beginner level.

The Yoga Wake up classes are not for expert users, so they are adapted for beginner and intermediate levels.

Yoga and Meditation

At the end of each class we will have a Meditation, so that everyone can keep it for as long as they see fit.

Classes are no longer live, they are 10 recorded yoga classes.

And also....

Access to all premium content and events

Access all the premium content of the platform, Interviews, Conferences, Talks and documentaries.

You will also receive invitations to in-person and online events.

If you are already a Seeker, access the class here

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