Ramiro Calle is a prominent yoga teacher and writer born in Madrid in 1943. He is recognized as a pioneer in the teaching of yoga in Spain and has written more than two hundred works on philosophical and spiritual themes. Since 1971, he has directed the Shadak Yoga Center, the largest yoga center in Spain, where he teaches classes and lectures. He has made numerous trips to Asian countries, interviewing monks and Buddhist specialists. Ramiro has participated in television and radio programs and has received several awards and recognitions for his work. In addition to all this, ramiro has several videos published in Wake Up Platform

Who is Ramiro Calle

Ramiro Calle, born in Madrid in 1943, is recognized as a reference in the world of yoga and spirituality in Spain. His life and career have been closely linked to the teaching and dissemination of these disciplines, making him a leading figure in the holistic field.

From a very young age, Calle showed a special interest in yoga and the search for inner knowledge. At the age of 15, he got his first taste of yoga when his mother took him to classes with a Hindu teacher. Since then, his passion for this practice has not ceased.

Throughout his life, Ramiro Calle has cultivated an extensive career as a writer, author of more than two hundred works in which he deals with philosophical and spiritual themes, stories and travel guides. Through his books, he has shared his knowledge and experiences, providing invaluable guidance for those interested in the path of fulfillment and self-realization.

In addition to his work as a writer, Calle is the director of the renowned Shadak Yoga Center, founded in 1971, which has become a benchmark for yoga in Spain. In this center, he has given classes and lectures, transmitting his wisdom and helping many people to discover the benefits of this ancient discipline.

Ramiro Calle’s passion for yoga and spirituality has led him to make more than fifty trips to Asian countries, where he has had the opportunity to interview monks and Buddhist specialists, thus enriching his knowledge and vision of these ancient traditions.

Throughout his life, Ramiro Calle has participated in television and radio programs, contributing his wisdom and sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation with a wider audience. His ability to communicate in a clear and accessible way has made him a reference in this field.

Ramiro Calle’s dedication and excellence in his work have not gone unnoticed, and he has received multiple recognitions and awards throughout his career. His work has left a significant mark on the teaching of yoga and Eastern thought in Spain, making him an inspirational figure for many people seeking balance and harmony in their lives.

Ramiro Calle’s trajectory and achievements

Ramiro Calle has excelled in multiple fields throughout his career, becoming a reference in the world of yoga, spirituality and writing. The following is a breakdown of the main aspects of his career and his outstanding achievements.

Pioneer of yoga in Spain

Since its inception, Ramiro Calle has stood out as a pioneer in the teaching of yoga in Spain. His valuable contribution to this discipline has been key to its expansion and popularization in our country. Her commitment and dedication have marked a before and after in the practice of yoga in Spain.

Writer and author of more than two hundred works.

Ramiro Calle’s literary production is wide and diverse. With more than two hundred published works, he has dealt with philosophical and spiritual themes, short stories and travel guides. His ability to transmit knowledge and experience through his books has been widely recognized.

Director of the Shadak Yoga Center

Since 1971, Ramiro Calle has directed the Shadak Yoga Center, the largest yoga center in Spain. His leadership and experience have allowed this center to consolidate its position as a reference in the teaching of yoga. His classes and lectures have inspired and trained numerous yoga students and professionals.

Travel and interviews in Asia

Ramiro Calle’s passion for oriental culture has led him to make more than fifty trips to Asian countries. During these experiences, he has had the opportunity to interview monks and specialists in Buddhism, which has enriched his knowledge and allowed him to share valuable teachings with his audience.

Participation in television and radio programs

Ramiro Calle’s outreach work has transcended books and has extended to the audiovisual media. He has participated in several television and radio programs, sharing his wisdom and promoting yoga and spirituality to a wide audience. Their media presence has contributed to the accessible dissemination of these issues.

Recognitions and awards

Ramiro Calle’s career has been recognized over the years with multiple awards and recognitions. These awards not only highlight his work as a writer and disseminator of yoga, but also his invaluable contribution to the spiritual enrichment of society. Her dedication and commitment have left their mark in the field of spirituality and wellness.

Ramiro Calle’s outstanding works

In this section, we will delve into some of the most outstanding works of the renowned yoga teacher and writer, Ramiro Calle. His extensive literary production covers a wide range of philosophical and spiritual topics, leaving a significant mark in the field of spirituality and meditation.

‘On the edge’.

One of Ramiro Calle’s most powerful works is ‘En el límite’, where he narrates a near-death experience he lived through. In this account, the author shares in a profound and moving way how this encounter with death transformed his perspective and allowed him to delve even deeper into the world of yoga and spirituality.

‘Great spiritual masters’

Another outstanding book by Ramiro Calle is ‘Great Spiritual Masters’, a work that earned him recognition in 2003. In this work, the author compiles the teachings and wisdom of influential spiritual guides and leaders, providing a broad vision of different spiritual currents and practices.

‘Emotional Engineering’ and ‘The Big Book of Meditation’.

In his tireless work to disseminate and promote emotional well-being and the practice of meditation, Ramiro Calle has published two books that deserve special mention: ‘Ingeniería emocional’ and ‘El gran libro de la meditación’. In these works, the author offers practical tools and advice for managing emotions, cultivating inner serenity and finding peace through meditation.

These are just some of the many works that make up Ramiro Calle’s literary legacy. Through his writings, he has been able to transmit his deep knowledge and experience in the field of spirituality, impacting the lives of numerous people in their search for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Controversies and controversies

Ramiro Calle’s career has not been free of controversy and controversial situations throughout his career. Despite his recognition as a yoga teacher and writer, he has faced several incidents that have generated some controversy in the public arena.

Incident with Indian embassy

One of the most prominent episodes in this regard was the incident with the Indian embassy in Spain. Ramiro Calle once published an article in a magazine about the Kumbh Mela, one of the most important festivals in Hinduism. However, the Indian embassy demanded an apology due to the content of the article, considering that it had expressed inaccurate or erroneous information.

Despite the embassy’s request for an apology, Ramiro Calle refused to retract, arguing his independence as a writer and respect for his freedom of expression. This refusal generated some controversy in the media, showing Calle’s firm stance in the face of external pressures.

Although the conflict did not escalate to major legal consequences, this episode demonstrates that Ramiro Calle’s work is not exempt from controversy and disagreements with those who do not share his point of view or question his research and opinions.

It is important to note that this incident has not significantly affected Ramiro Calle’s reputation and legacy in the field of yoga and spirituality in Spain. His work and contribution in these fields continue to be recognized and valued by a wide public.

Ramiro Calle and his commitment to vegetarianism and animal rights

Ramiro Calle is known not only for his outstanding career in yoga and spirituality, but also for his commitment to vegetarianism and animal rights. Throughout his life, he has adopted a strict vegetarian lifestyle, based on ethical principles and respect for animals.

For Ramiro Calle, being a vegetarian goes beyond a simple dietary choice. It is a way of life that seeks to avoid animal suffering and promote a more conscious and healthy diet. Through his teachings and writings, he has spread the importance of adopting a plant-based diet, both for our health and for the planet.

  • Ramiro Calle’s vegetarianism is not only limited to food, but also extends to other aspects of his life. For example, avoid using animal products in your clothing and prefer more animal-friendly options, such as organic cotton or synthetic materials.
  • Likewise, Ramiro Calle promotes respect and protection of animals in all their forms. It advocates the abolition of cruel practices towards animals, such as experimentation in laboratories or hunting for sport. It also advocates the importance of preserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity as a means of ensuring animal welfare.

In his publications and lectures, Ramiro Calle invites us to reflect on our relationship with animals and encourages us to adopt a more compassionate and conscious attitude towards them. He believes that all living beings deserve respect and compassion, regardless of their species, and advocates ethical treatment of animals in all areas of our lives.

Ramiro Calle’s commitment to vegetarianism and animal rights is a reflection of his philosophy of life, based on the search for harmony and respect for all living beings. His work has left a deep mark on the collective conscience, inspiring many people to rethink their relationship with animals and to make more conscious and responsible decisions in their daily lives.

Ramiro Calle’s legacy in the teaching of yoga and spirituality in Spain

The influence of Ramiro Calle in the teaching of yoga and spirituality in Spain is undeniable. Throughout his long career, he has left a significant mark in the dissemination and practice of yoga in our country, as well as in the introduction of spiritual teachings from the East.

First of all, Ramiro Calle has stood out as a pioneer in the introduction and popularization of yoga in Spain. Since his beginnings in 1971, directing the Shadak Yoga Center, he has given numerous classes and lectures, training generations of students and spreading the benefits of this ancient discipline. Her work has been instrumental in breaking down barriers and stereotypes, making yoga accessible to people of all ages and physical conditions.

In addition to his work as an instructor, Ramiro Calle has been an indefatigable writer, and his vast knowledge of philosophical and spiritual topics has been reflected in more than two hundred works. His books have served as guides and references for those interested in delving into the world of yoga, meditation and spirituality. With a clear and accessible approach, he has managed to convey profound concepts in an understandable and approachable way.

The Shadak Yoga Center, under the direction of Ramiro Calle, has become a reference in Spain. It has not only been a space of practice and learning for thousands of people, but also a place of encounter and exchange of knowledge with outstanding teachers and experts in different disciplines. His work as director has been key in maintaining this center as a space of reference in the field of yoga and spirituality.

Ramiro Calle’s travels to Asia have been another facet of his legacy in teaching yoga and spirituality. During his more than fifty visits, he has had the opportunity to interview monks, spiritual mentors and immerse himself in different Eastern cultures and traditions. His experiences and learnings have enriched his teaching, transmitting not only theoretical knowledge, but also a deep understanding of spiritual practices and their application in daily life.

Ramiro Calle’s participation in television and radio programs has been another vehicle for disseminating his teachings and reaching an even wider audience. His charisma and ability to communicate in a clear and entertaining way have captivated those who have had the opportunity to listen to his speeches. Through these means, he has managed to demystify yoga and bring its benefits to a wider audience.

Recognition of his work has materialized in the form of awards and recognitions throughout his career. These awards are a reflection of the impact of their work in society, as well as recognition by the yoga and spirituality community. His dedication and commitment to the dissemination of these teachings have been fundamental to his positioning as an authority in the field of yoga and spirituality in Spain.

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