Love people, use things, the other way around doesn’t work.

Video Artist: Ainoa Pedroso

We live in a materialistic society. We value others for what they have, not for who they are. We value ourselves for the things we have, so we spend our lives chasing after things that make us happy.

We are materialistic, this is not about criticizing anyone, this is not about blaming or punishing ourselves, but about observing ourselves. This article is not intended to make you feel bad, but to help you realize it.

Being materialistic today is not only normal, it is practically unavoidable. Society permanently pushes us to think that happiness is in having things, in buying things. The mission of advertising and marketing is to make you buy something (obviously) and to do so they resort to emotions. We are constantly bombarded with the idea “you are not enough”.

To be Cool, to be Cool, to be Happy, you need to have stuff. A fashionable sunglasses, a branded handbag, or a high-end car. The message that one is not worth anything on one’s own, but needs to have branded things to have value, undermines our self-esteem from the time we are children.

We live a lifetime pursuing material goals, believing that these will bring us happiness. It is logical and normal that we think this way because it is what we have been told all our lives. Some well-known personalities such as Jim Carrey or Mike Tyson have stated it on more than one occasion: He who thinks that having a lot of money and material goods will be happy, has never had them.

When one does not know oneself, does not know one’s shadow, does not know one’s wounds, one cannot live in peace. When one is not at peace, neither all the money, nor all the brand name clothes, nor the biggest house, nor the most luxurious car will make you happy: Know thyself.

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