Borja Vilaseca is a renowned Spanish writer, speaker and entrepreneur. He was born in Barcelona and has excelled in various fields such as journalism and teaching. Among his best-known works are ‘Enchanted to Meet Me’, which invites us to discover our true essence, and ‘The Little Prince puts on his tie’, where he shares his travel experiences in Madagascar. He also founded the Borja Vilaseca Institute and has participated in important events such as the Festival of Consciousness in Barcelona. His focus on personal improvement and spiritual development has left its mark on society.

The life and career of Borja Vilaseca

Borja Vilaseca is a prominent Spanish writer, speaker and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Barcelona, his passion for knowledge and personal growth led him to study humanities and graduate in journalism in 2003.

Throughout his career, Borja Vilaseca has left his mark in the world of journalism, being a columnist in the renowned newspaper El País from 2005 to 2016. However, his passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences led him to explore other paths.

In 2008, she published her first book ‘Encantado de conocerme’, a real success that boosted her career in the field of self-improvement and spiritual development. Since then, he has continued to publish relevant works such as ‘The Little Prince puts on his tie’, based on his travel experiences in Madagascar, or ‘What would you do if you were not afraid’, focused on overcoming personal barriers.

His focus on spirituality and inner wisdom led him to found the Borja Vilaseca Institute and his own publishing imprint called Nuevo Paradigma. He has participated in conferences both in Spain and internationally, highlighting his participation in the Festival of Consciousness in Barcelona.

Borja Vilaseca’s life and career is undoubtedly inspiring, and his legacy as a writer and speaker continues to impact many people who seek to improve their well-being and find a new paradigm in their lives.

Barcelona: The birthplace of Borja Vilaseca

Barcelona, the vibrant city located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, is the birthplace of Borja Vilaseca. Born on February 4, 1981, Vilaseca grew up immersed in the cultural and cosmopolitan environment that characterizes this Catalan city.

With its streets full of history and impressive architecture, Barcelona has witnessed Vilaseca’s growth and development as a writer, lecturer and entrepreneur. The cultural richness and diversity of this city have influenced his innovative approach and transformative ideas.

Borja Vilaseca has found inspiration in the emblematic corners of Barcelona, such as the majestic Sagrada Familia, the lively Gothic Quarter and the iconic Park Güell. These places have nurtured his creativity and have been the setting for his books, lectures and projects.

Barcelona, with its entrepreneurial spirit and intellectual atmosphere, has played a fundamental role in the development of Borja Vilaseca’s career. This city is the perfect setting for the birth and evolution of disruptive ideas that seek to transform lives and societies.

Borja Vilaseca’s books: A source of wisdom

Borja Vilaseca, renowned Spanish writer, offers us a collection of books that become valuable tools for personal and spiritual growth. Through his works, Vilaseca invites us to reflect, learn and transcend our limitations.

Nice to meet you’: Discover your true self

In his book ‘Encantado de conocerme’, Borja Vilaseca immerses us in a journey of self-exploration and self-knowledge. Through practical exercises and deep reflections, it helps us discover our true essence and connect with our desires and strengths.

The Little Prince puts on his tie’: Travel experiences in Madagascar

In this work, Vilaseca takes us through his travel experiences in Madagascar. Using the metaphor of The Little Prince character, it invites us to reflect on the importance of connection with nature, simplicity and the search for purpose in our lives.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid’: Overcoming personal barriers

In his book ‘What would you do if you were not afraid’, Borja Vilaseca challenges us to face our fears and personal barriers. Through inspiring stories and practical exercises, he motivates us to take action and free ourselves from the limitations that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Seneca’s prozac’: In search of inner wisdom

In his work ‘Seneca’s Prozac’, Vilaseca introduces us to Stoic philosophy and invites us to reflect on how we can apply its teachings in our daily lives. Through personal anecdotes and introspection exercises, he guides us on the path to serenity and emotional well-being.

Lectures and teachings by Borja Vilaseca

Borja Vilaseca has excelled as a lecturer in the field of personal and spiritual development. Through the Borja Vilaseca Institute, he has created a center for personal transformation where he gives talks and workshops to help people reach their full potential.

The Borja Vilaseca Institute: A Center for Personal Transformation

At the Borja Vilaseca Institute, attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a space of learning and growth, where topics such as self-improvement, conscious relationships and the discovery of one’s own authenticity are addressed. The courses and workshops offered promote an integral development that goes beyond the superficial aspects of life.

Videos de Borja Villaseca en Wake up

As fans of Bja Vilaseca, here are some Wake up videos in which we highlight and spread Borja’s teachings.

Participation in the Festival of Consciousness in Barcelona

Borja Vilaseca has been invited as a guest speaker at the prestigious Festival of Consciousness held in Barcelona. In this event, he shares his wisdom and experience with the public, inspiring people to reflect on their lives and take concrete actions to achieve a state of well-being and fulfillment.

Borja Vilaseca’s entrepreneurship

Borja Vilaseca’s entrepreneurship is characterized by his innovative vision and commitment to personal transformation. Through different projects, he has left his mark on society, inspiring and motivating people to reach their full potential. Among these projects is the Utópika and Kuestiona Foundation, which seeks to create a positive impact on society through inspiring initiatives. La Akademia and Terra, spaces for learning and personal growth where various activities and courses aimed at individual development are offered, also stand out. Borja Vilaseca has also founded his own publishing imprint called Nuevo Paradigma, dedicated to the publication of works related to spiritual growth and personal improvement. With his venture, Borja Vilaseca consolidates his position as a reference in the field of human and spiritual development, offering resources and tools for personal growth and inner transformation.


Fundación Utópika and Kuestiona: Inspiring Projects

Through the Utópika Foundation and Kuestiona, Borja Vilaseca promotes projects that seek to transform reality and generate a positive impact on society. These inspiring initiatives promote reflection, creativity and the search for innovative solutions to today’s challenges. With a values-based approach, Fundación Utópika y Kuestiona is dedicated to fostering personal and collective development, promoting change through awareness and action.


The Akademia and Terra: Spaces for learning and growth

The Akademia and Terra are spaces created by Borja Vilaseca where opportunities for learning and personal growth are provided. Through courses, workshops and practical activities, people are invited to explore their potential and expand their horizons. These spaces provide an environment conducive to developing skills, sharing knowledge and connecting with other like-minded people. The Akademia and Terra become meeting places where experiential learning is encouraged and a culture of personal and collective development is promoted.

Nuevo Paradigma: Borja Vilaseca’s publishing imprint

Borja Vilaseca has founded his own publishing house called Nuevo Paradigma, with the aim of disseminating knowledge and perspectives that contribute to the awakening of consciousness and spiritual development. This imprint publishes works by outstanding authors in the field of self-improvement, spirituality and inner growth. Nuevo Paradigma is positioned as a platform for the dissemination of teachings and resources that nurture the path to a fuller and more conscious life.

Courses and audiotrainings by Borja Vilaseca

Discover the training options offered by Borja Vilaseca, both face-to-face and online. Her focus is on the Enneagram and personal wisdom, providing practical tools for inner growth and development.

Classroom and online training options

Borja Vilaseca’s courses are given in different cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Medellin and Mexico City, providing the opportunity to participate both nationally and internationally. In addition, it also offers the possibility of online training, to adapt to the needs and preferences of each person.

Focus on the enneagram and personal wisdom

One of the fundamental pillars of Borja Vilaseca’s courses and audiotrainings is the enneagram, a personality categorization system that allows us to better understand our behavior patterns and relationships with others. In addition, personal wisdom is addressed, encouraging self-knowledge and the development of a more conscious and positive mindset.

  • Learn to identify and understand the different personality types according to the Enneagram.
  • Discover how to work on your personal growth and overcome your fears.
  • Acquire practical tools to improve your relationships and communication.
  • Explore techniques to cultivate mindfulness and emotional well-being.

Immerse yourself in Borja Vilaseca’s courses and audiotrainings and discover how to enhance your personal and spiritual development through his innovative and transformative approach.

The conscious couple: An innovative approach to relationships

In his quest to promote personal transformation and spiritual growth, Borja Vilaseca presents his innovative approach to relationships. Under the concept of ‘the conscious couple’, Vilaseca proposes a different way of living and experiencing love and connection with our partner.

This approach is based on the idea that a couple’s relationship can be much more than just living together or companionship. Vilaseca invites you to explore a relationship in which both members are committed to their own individual growth and the development of an authentic and conscious connection.

The conscious couple implies a process of self-knowledge and personal growth, where each individual commits to his or her own emotional and spiritual development, thus allowing the relationship to evolve and transform together.

  • Exploration of authenticity and vulnerability in the relationship.
  • Conscious and empathic communication.
  • Sharing common goals and purposes.
  • Practices of deep connection and intimacy.
  • Cooperation and mutual support for personal growth.

The conscious couple is a path to conscious love, where more authentic, deep and meaningful relationships are cultivated. Borja Vilaseca shows us how we can move towards a more conscious and satisfying couple relationship, in which both partners can grow, learn and expand together on their path towards personal and spiritual development.

There’s no such thing as a fluke: Exploring spirituality

In his work entitled ‘Las casualidades no existen’, Borja Vilaseca invites us to enter the fascinating world of spirituality and to question our perception of reality. Throughout these pages, the author shows us how seemingly fortuitous encounters and events are significantly interconnected in the flow of our existence.

Through deep reflections and examples from everyday life, Vilaseca encourages us to discover the purpose behind the supposed accidents that occur in our lives. It explores topics such as synchronicity, the law of attraction and the power of intuition, providing us with tools to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities that come our way.

Through his unique and insightful approach, the author guides us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe around us. It invites us to abandon the limited perspective of chance and to open ourselves to a greater spiritual awareness.

Chances don’t exist’ challenges us to transcend our pre-established beliefs and explore new ways of living in connection with our true selves. It is a call to immerse ourselves in the mystery of existence and to embrace the magic that is hidden in every moment of our journey.


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