A company with values and purpose is a company with self-knowledge.

In today’s world, where the quest for quick success and the focus on short-term gains often prevail, it is refreshing to discover a trend on the rise: companies embracing self-awareness as a fundamental part of their identity and mission. In this era of business transformation and conscientization, self-knowledge is becoming an essential element to build companies with genuine values and purpose. In this exploration, we will learn about the impact that self-knowledge can have on companies and how it can contribute to a more conscious and equitable society.

Interview with Xavi Roca Cusachs, Co-Founder of Human Leadership

To delve into this exciting topic, we spoke with Xavi Roca Cusachs, Co-Founder of Human Leadership, an organization committed to the development of conscious leaders and the creation of companies with a purpose beyond profit. Throughout our interview, Xavi shared his perspectives on the importance of self-awareness in the business environment and how this can lead to the formation of companies with values and purpose.

Beyond the “Pelotazo”.

In today’s society, we often look for the “big bucks” or quick success. We are obsessed with the idea of obtaining wealth and success as quickly as possible. This has led to the emergence of speculative businesses and fads that bring no real value either to individuals or to society as a whole.

A prime example of this trend is the rise of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. While these technologies may have great potential, they are often perceived as a quick way to make a profit without a genuine commitment to a higher purpose.

The New Business Paradigm

However, in contrast to this quest for quick profits, we are seeing the emergence of a new business paradigm. This new approach focuses on creating purpose-driven businesses, organizations that not only seek to make a profit, but also consider their impact on society and the planet as a whole.

Having a clear and defined purpose has become a fundamental component for many companies in the new paradigm. This purpose provides them with a raison d’être beyond profit maximization, and leaders and employees are motivated by a sense of meaningful contribution.

The Importance of Knowing Our Values

To embrace this new business paradigm and develop companies with values and purpose, it is essential to start with self-knowledge. However, there is a significant challenge here: we live in societies that often lack clear and defined values.

Most people are not aware of their own values, nor do they know what they are or where they come from. This is a fundamental problem, as it is difficult for a company to embrace values when its leaders and employees are not aware of their own.

The Impact of Social Networks on Self-Esteem

Another important challenge in our quest for self-knowledge and value development is the impact of technology and social networks on our self-esteem. We often participate in massive technology platforms that generate online content in exchange for our attention and contributions. This can lead to a decrease in our self-esteem, as we are often comparing ourselves to others and seeking external validation.

The need to get “likes” and followers on social networks can take us away from true introspection and self-knowledge. We are easily distracted by the search for validation instead of focusing on our inner values and purpose.

Self-knowledge as the Key

So how do we address this challenge? Xavi Roca Cusachs emphasizes that self-knowledge is the key. Not only for the formation of companies with values and purpose, but also for personal growth and satisfaction in life.

Self-knowledge involves looking inward and exploring who we really are. This includes identifying our core values, understanding where our beliefs come from, and being aware of our deepest motivations and desires.

Awakening Self-Awareness

The essential question we must ask ourselves is: who am I really? What are my core values and principles? What really motivates me in life?

Self-knowledge allows us to answer these questions and, ultimately, to live in accordance with our values and purpose. It frees us from the constant need to seek external validation and helps us to live an authentic and meaningful life.


In a world driven by the pursuit of quick success and material gain, the trend toward value-driven, purpose-driven businesses is a ray of hope. These companies are committed not only to their financial results, but also to their impact on society and the planet.

Self-knowledge has become a fundamental pillar for this transformation. Knowing our values and purpose is not only beneficial on a personal level, but can also contribute to the creation of conscious and ethical companies.

Ultimately, self-knowledge invites us to awaken and live a life based on our deepest values. As more people and companies embrace this philosophy, we can aspire to a more conscious and equitable society. Do you dare to know yourself and wake up?

Know thyself, and wake up.

Wake up!

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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Wake up

Wake up!

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