We don’t get the right partner because we don’t learn.

Finding the right partner is not easy and we do not find love by chance.

This is what Antoni Bolinches tells us in this interview. If we do not learn from our relationships, we will not find Harmonious Love.

We must learn to choose, learn to manage and to manage, the couple as well as the land, we must cultivate it.

There are a number of questions we need to ask ourselves:

Is there sexual understanding?

Sexual attraction is something basic in a relationship, but there must also be sexual understanding, and in many cases this does not occur.

Are our characters compatible?

Compatible characters does not mean that they are the same, but that they fit well together. In many couples this is not the case, which generates permanent discomfort.

Is there a coinciding life project?

Having matching life projects is one of the keys to finding a partner and having Harmonious Love. Many couples end up breaking up because they evolve along different lines.

If the answer to these questions is yes, then we can begin to build a convergent life project.

We start sentimental relationships without having anything clear, we do not know what we want in life or in a partner, that is why it is so difficult to find a partner.

Desire and sexual routine are some of the major problems of the couple, Antoni Bolinches tells us. In life everything has a natural time and when those times are lengthened or shortened it is detrimental to us. We do not choose from maturity, especially the first eta couples based on attraction.

It is important to learn from relationships to know what one wants or does not want in the other partner, rather than relying solely on desire.

Life is experiences, learn from them, be aware and awake. Wake up!

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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Wake up

Wake up!

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