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Complete Interview of José Millán about Astrology, the Universe and the Human Being, only for Seeker users

In this interview with Astrologer José Millán, we explore Astrology as a Path to Self-Knowledge.

In the exciting world of astrology, José Millán stands out as a Humanist Astrologer with a unique and profound perspective. In this article, we will discover who José Millán is, how he sees astrology as a tool for self-knowledge and how he connects the relationship between the universe and the human being. Join us on this journey to meet a pioneer in humanistic astrology and his focus on the connection between us and the cosmos.

The Humanist Astrologer

José Millán is a humanist astrologer who has dedicated his life to the study and teaching of astrology from a perspective that emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge. His approach is not limited to predicting the future, but focuses on how astrology can help us better understand ourselves and our interactions with the world around us.

Astrology as a Path to Self-Knowledge

For José Millán, astrology is much more than a star reading. He considers it a powerful path to self-knowledge. Through the study of our birth chart, we can explore our qualities, weaknesses, challenges and potentials. Astrology provides us with a unique lens to understand our natural tendencies and how we can use them to grow and evolve as human beings.

The Universe as a Living Being and its Relationship with the Human Being

One of the key concepts in José Millán’s perspective is the idea that the universe is a living being in itself. Millán maintains that we are intrinsically connected to the cosmos and that our lives are influenced by cosmic movements and energies. By understanding this relationship, we can better harness universal forces to our advantage.

Millán also argues that the human being is a manifestation of the universe, and that each of us carries with us a fragment of the essence of the cosmos. This belief fosters a sense of unity and cosmic belonging that can enrich our daily lives and our relationships with others.

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