IKIGAI – What is the purpose in life?

IKIGAI – Your purpose in life

What is the purpose of your professional life, discover what is IKIGAI?

The Japanese concept of Ikigai analyzes individual motivations for why you do the things you do.

Sometimes in life we start working on something without really knowing why, or because we have been influenced by one of our beliefs “I will be an entrepreneur to earn a lot of money” or perhaps because we were influenced by our parents with one of theirs such as: “The most important thing is a stable job” or following family betrayal.

We start a professional life intuitively or even improvised, it is normal when one is not clear or confused, but there comes a time when, to feel fulfilled and happy, we must reflect: What is the purpose of my life? For that we have IKIGAI

There are things you do because you love doing them, there are other things you do because the world needs it. There are the things you do because you get paid for it, and then there are the things you do because you’re good at it.

  • If you love it and the world needs it, that’s your mission .
  • In life, your mission is the calling to which you are strongly attracted. If the world needs it and you are paid for it, that is your vocation . Your vocation is your craft. It is usually the way you are employed at the beginning of your career. And many people spend their entire working careers in their vocation.
  • If you get paid for it and you’re good at it, that’s your profession, your profession is something you pursue because of your skill and experience, and you’re rewarded for it.
  • If you’re good at something and you love it, that’s your passion. Your passion challenges and motivates you and is something you would be willing to give up your free time for.
  • If you are lucky enough to do something you love that the world needs that you are good at and get paid for, you have found your ikigai, your purpose in life.

Do you already know what is the purpose of your life?

In this video we invite you to make this reflection and we hope it will help you to know what IKIGAI is.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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