Leaving a life of “success” and waking up

Beatriz Montañez’s wake-up call

Beatriz Montañez, a renowned presenter, shares in a video her profound journey of conscious awakening. Although each experience is unique, there are common aspects that many experience on this path to self-knowledge.

Who is Beatriz Montañez and why is her story relevant?

Before going into the stages of conscious awakening, it is essential to know Beatriz’s background. Five years ago, his name was often linked to terms such as arrogance or arrogance, especially after his conflict with Bertín Osborne. Despite having a successful career and everything society values – fame, beauty, youth and money – something was missing. Dissatisfaction and conflict led her to a deep self-analysis.

The Stages of Conscious Awakening Identified in the Life of Beatriz Montañez:

  1. Hitting bottom: A painful experience or series of events can act as a catalyst.

  2. Deep dissatisfaction: Despite having “everything”, a feeling of emptiness persists.

  3. Self-knowledge: Introspection becomes a key tool to understand oneself.

  4. Recognize the ego: Identify the character we have built and understand the reasons behind it.

  5. Life re-evaluation: Questioning everything from life decisions to ingrained beliefs.

  6. Understanding the mind: An in-depth exploration of thoughts and emotions.

Benefits and Changes Following Conscious Awakening:

  • Revaluing the essential over the material.

  • Adoption of new beliefs and values.

  • Appreciate and live each moment to the fullest.

  • Strengthening of our senses.

  • Finding inner peace.

  • Strengthen the connection with nature.

For those interested in delving deeper into Beatriz’s personal experience, her book “Niadela” is recommended reading. In it, he reflects on these aspects and more, providing an introspective perspective on his journey towards conscious awakening.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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