Wake up Institute

Wake Up Institute for the Study of Consciousness and Human Nature

and human nature

We are a research and study center oriented to the expansion of scientific and humanistic knowledge about Consciousness and human nature.

We contribute to the approximation of science and spirituality, in the transition towards a new paradigm that expands our understanding of the Cosmos and the human being, with Consciousness as a nexus of union.

who we are

conscientious professionals

We are professionals from different fields, conscious of the vital importance of expanding our Consciousness, for the development of our human potential, in balance and harmony. An even more pressing need in the current historical context, due to the foreseeable impact on our lives of disruptive technologies such as AI or biotechnology, whose risks and opportunities can only be understood and managed from a higher level of Consciousness. We set up multidisciplinary teams to promote projects aimed at a double objective a double objective of human and scientific development.

foto alex
Alejandro Guerra

Entrepreneur Founder of Wake up Platform

Rafa Puertas - Equipo Wake Up
Rafa Puertas

Founding Entrepreneur of Intervida, Promoter of KonConsciencia


The Institute promotes all types of projects oriented to our social goals from an approach based on the following parameters:

– R + D + I Research, development and innovation.

– Providing significant knowledge on the topics under study.

– Developing methodologies and tools for practical application, both individually and collectively.

– Designing empirical models of experimentation on Consciousness and human nature.

topics of study

- Science and Spirituality
- Neurosciences
- Medicina
- Superior human capabilities
- Human behavior
- Psychology
- Sociology
- Ethics

publication formats

We generate periodical publications in different formats



digital and/or paper: studies, papers for scientific journals, books...


Audiovisuals: Documentaries, Reports, Interviews...


Events, Conferences, Forums, Congresses...


Courses and online or on-site workshops

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