Wake up circle

The strength of the group generates awareness

A group of people who will meet to talk about different topics related to life, the human being and consciousness.

This virtual environment was created with the intention of encouraging reflection, the exchange of ideas and the connection between individuals interested in deepening their understanding of fundamental aspects of existence.

We will meet once a month, via Online in sessions of approximately one hour within the Wake up Platform.

The power of the group

The essence of the circle is based on three fundamental pillars

The healing power of speech

We know that talking has the capacity to heal. Beyond what we can learn from others, the simple act of expressing ourselves allows us to release inner conflicts, thus contributing to our inner development process.

Making the unconscious conscious

Sometimes, we are not fully aware of something until we express it verbally. The act of speaking gives us the opportunity to discover aspects of ourselves that we were unaware of, thus nurturing our personal knowledge.

Listening to experiences

We value the importance of listening to those who are going through or have gone through similar situations. People who have embarked on the same inner path. Sharing from one’s own experience creates a space conducive to empathy and connection, even generating significant internal transformations.

An inner path, accompanied by people who are are different stages of the same journey.

Accompanied by Jai Arumi

Life pushes us to move forward even knowing that we are going nowhere, and in that endless movement, each one of us leaves a drawing in the conscience of humanity.

For years I felt that my life was just a meaningless scribble, but the moment I understood that it is Life who paints through me, I surrendered to the beauty of my path.

Now, thanks to the experiences I have lived, I can accompany other people who want to discover themselves in the fullness of BEING a HUMAN.

I followed soto zen meditation for years, until my path crossed with people who have had an experience of spontaneous awakening such as: Yolande Durán-Serrano, Aliciah and Sergi Torres.

At the moment I accompany people in individual and group sessions through the path of self-discovery that I have created and which I call ToBloom (to sprout).

Writer, journalist, teacher, trained in NLP, Gestalt and Astrology.

Jai will accompany us on the path of Self-Knowledge, a path to consciousness.

inside the circle

Alex, founder of Wake Up, will also be in the circle to accompany and contribute, both in the dynamics of the session and in the background and themes from his experience in the journey of awakening.

The rules of the circle


Everything shared in the circle must be treated with absolute confidentiality.


The Circle is a space open to all types of people and comments and therefore respect for each one is encouraged.

No judgment or criticism

In this space, we are committed to maintaining an environment free of judgment and criticism, fostering openness and honesty.

Do not give advice

We recognize that each individual has his or her own path, so we refrain from giving unsolicited advice.

Talking about oneself

We limit our conversations to our own experiences, thus contributing to authentic and meaningful dialogue.

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