Transform your life through Family Constellations and its Six Orders of Love. Joan Garriga

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The search for transformation leads us to new beginnings: psychological, emotional, affective and spiritual.


The purpose of this cycle of meetings is to help you become an expert artisan of your own evolution and learn to discern with clarity where true fulfillment resides: that which propels you towards the full development of your potential, allowing life to flow around you even in the most challenging moments.

  • Duration: 10h
  • Price: 120€ (VAT incl.)
  • Language/Subtitles: Spanish

What does this training include?

The starting point of this training is the ancestral odyssey of our family tree, the valuable lessons transmitted by our parents and the providential path that our own existence has traced.

The training consists of 6 videos of approximately one hour and a half in which Joan Garriga focuses on a specific topic:

  1. On assent, and our ability to affirm life in all its manifestations.
  2. About place, and our ability to recognize and assume place in our systems, worlds and contexts.
  3. About needs, and our particular way of satisfying them or not, with the repertoire of dances that articulate the exchange between giving and taking.
  4. On presence and dignity, as an endless development to rescue shadows through awareness and attention.
  5. On our stories, beliefs and narratives, knowing how to differentiate those that open life paths from those that do not.
  6. About meaning, illuminating what guides and directs us, and at the same time embraces us.

Throughout this journey, we will observe how these themes intertwine in a hierarchy of meanings, giving structure and breadth to the six orders of love according to Family Constellations. In short, it is about “being born as dancing stars”, as Nietzsche put it.

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Joan Garriga. Wake Up

About Joan Garriga

Humanistic Psychologist. Gestalt therapist. Introduced Bert Hellinger in Spain.


She gives training and workshops in Family Constellations throughout Spain and Latin America.


He studied and collaborated with Claudio Naranjo. Trained in NLP, Ericksonian approach and stage and body methods. Expert in Enneagram and integrative therapy. Co-creator of the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona. Writer.


Joan Garriga combines different approaches in his work and shows himself as an existential therapist and an integrative gestalt therapist, giving therapeutic and training workshops in Gestalt therapy, NLP and Constellations applied to different areas – individuals, couples, families, organizations – in the main cities of Spain and Latin America.

Transform your life through Family Constellations and its Six Orders of Love. Joan Garriga

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