Dancing together. Relational choreographies for happiness in the couple. Joan Garriga

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The purpose of this training is to gain a deeper understanding of couple dynamics, which ultimately becomes a valuable school of life. This will allow us to glimpse with clarity and heal wounds that may hinder our path to happiness in relationships.


It is about dedicating ourselves to work on our own growth, to cultivate greater skill in genuine love, authenticity, serenity and freedom in our emotional connections. Ultimately, we seek to walk unencumbered and to tune into the unique poem that each of us has to offer the world.

  • Duration: 11h 30″.
  • Price: 125€ (VAT incl.)
  • Language/Subtitles: Spanish

What does this training include?

This formation is composed of 6 recordings.

  1. Landing the 12 keys to couple love today. From “I could live without you too” to “every day I see you and I recognize you again”.
  2. The different types of Love. The definition of the bond in the couple: What moves each of them? From the Greeks to today: eros, philia, agape, ludus, pragma, mania, friendship, etc. Balance between them. Of the bonding style in the conservative family, in the modern family, and in the postmodern family. Of the sense of community, of the couple and of the self. Love for oneself. The joyful, spontaneous and loving inner child. The love of the spirit versus the dark despot of the self.
  3. Psychological games in the couple. Symmetric dances and complementary dances. Cooperative and competitive. Attachment and relationship patterns. The tyrannical and prophetic child. Injuries and defenses. Introjections and projections. Sculptures that describe the role, choreographies that describe communication patterns, and constellations that delve into the dynamics of the soul: belonging, hierarchy, balance.
  4. Communication. Communication and meta-communication. Communicate well instead of communicating a lot. Trust, transparency, respect, strength. Rules of communication theory. Communication with oneself. Attention and honesty.
  5. Sexuality, fidelity and loyalty. Family patterns. Nature versus culture. Covenants. The inner mammal. Previous models in this respect. The body, desire and pleasure in the family.
  6. Life energy and death energy. What stimulates each of them? Its crucial importance in the couple and in the avoidance of psychological games resulting in suffering. Self-support and personal responsibility. And I am me and you are you, and I am you and you are me.

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Joan Garriga. Wake Up

About Joan Garriga

Humanistic Psychologist. Gestalt therapist. Introduced Bert Hellinger in Spain.


She gives training and workshops in Family Constellations throughout Spain and Latin America.


He studied and collaborated with Claudio Naranjo. Trained in NLP, Ericksonian approach and stage and body methods. Expert in Enneagram and integrative therapy. Co-creator of the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona. Writer.


Joan Garriga combines different approaches in his work and shows himself as an existential therapist and an integrative gestalt therapist, giving therapeutic and training workshops in Gestalt therapy, NLP and Constellations applied to different areas – individuals, couples, families, organizations – in the main cities of Spain and Latin America.

Dancing together. Relational choreographies for happiness in the couple. Joan Garriga

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