The transformations of the spirit. Joan Garriga

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This training has a dual purpose: firstly, to acquire knowledge about the stages of transformation that act as guides in our journey through life; and secondly, to foster understandings and changes to achieve significant advances in our path.


This course is intended for anyone who wishes to gain insights, experience transformations and make significant changes in their lives, as well as therapists, counselors and professionals in the field of helping, health or human relations who wish to broaden their perspective.

  • Duration: 5h 30″.
  • Price: 70€ (VAT incl.)
  • Language/Subtitles: Spanish

What does this training include?

The training consists of three sessions in the form of recorded videos. Each session includes an introduction and theoretical framework, as well as presence exercises, meditations and guided visualizations.


The initial inspiration for this work is based on the transformations of the spirit described by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: the camel, who carries the responsibilities and duties (coming from the family or groups to which we belong), the lion, who claims his power and freedom by saying “I will”, and the child, who affirms an “I am” that expresses the pure innocence of being. We will also incorporate other symbols: the primordial amoeba as a metaphor for an “I pulse” (connection with the vital essence), the owl representing the “I see and understand” (particularly, an awareness of the more subtle, invisible or obscured aspects of our relational and inner world), the ant or hero, which is devoted to the “I put myself at the service”, and finally, a point of arrival in which there are no more symbols, not even an “I” that can be affirmed.

In this way, we will navigate through these stages, exploring the energy and attitude inherent in each, and planting new seeds of freedom and wisdom in our lives.

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Joan Garriga. Wake Up

About Joan Garriga

Humanistic Psychologist. Gestalt therapist. Introduced Bert Hellinger in Spain.


She gives training and workshops in Family Constellations throughout Spain and Latin America.


He studied and collaborated with Claudio Naranjo. Trained in NLP, Ericksonian approach and stage and body methods. Expert in Enneagram and integrative therapy. Co-creator of the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona. Writer.


Joan Garriga combines different approaches in his work and shows himself as an existential therapist and an integrative gestalt therapist, giving therapeutic and training workshops in Gestalt therapy, NLP and Constellations applied to different areas – individuals, couples, families, organizations – in the main cities of Spain and Latin America.

The transformations of the spirit. Joan Garriga

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