Knowing how to forgive. Release the past and enjoy the present. Daniel Lumera

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Not forgiving brings tension to the body and emotions of rage, resentment, anger… Forgiveness dissipates these emotions bringing psychological, emotional and bodily well-being. But… how difficult it is sometimes to forgive. Forgive yourself, your loved ones, close relatives…

Daniel Lumera in this training introduces you to the method he has created and uses in hospitals, schools, prisons and companies to achieve forgiveness and live with more inner peace.

This training offers you a wide variety of tools that you can easily and immediately integrate into your lifestyle. Tools that, if you make them a reality through practice, will benefit you on multiple levels, especially in your health and relationships.

  • Duration: 140 minutes
  • Price: 49€ (tax incl.)
  • Language/Subtitles: Spanish

You get a Methodology in which the Forgiveness Protocols are applied:

  • In the relationship with your own body
  • In the management of emotions
  • In the area of disease and sanitation
  • In relation to the genealogical tree and the trauma process
  • In personal relationships: parents, partners, and friendships
  • In the accompaniment of death, grief and bereavement

This training is for you if:

  • You wish to integrate and let go of the past to create a present of freedom, love and awareness;
  • You want to purify your emotions and thoughts to live in a state of purity, harmony and lightness;
  • You feel ready to take charge of your life and assume full responsibility for the decisions that are right for you;
  • You know that the time has come to acquire practical and scientific strategies and tools that will have a great impact on your health, well-being and quality of life;
  • You have chosen to live by your values and make them a reality every day.
  • In your lifestyle:
    • in the creation of satisfying, healthy and prosperous relationships.
    • in a new definition of harmony and success at the professional level.
    • in a new definition of who, now, you have decided to be.

Free yourself from the wounds and traumas of the past, so that every moment is a conscious celebration of the miracle of life.

What does this training include?

With the Knowing How to Forgive training you will receive:

  • 140 minutes of video content.
  • Workbook with notes and reflections.
  • Audio track for daily practice.
  • Unlimited access.


In this training you will see:

  • What is forgiveness and what is its deeper meaning?
  • The three letters of forgiveness to transform anger, guilt and grief
  • The 4 steps of forgiveness to return to a state of love, freedom and wholeness
  • The technique to forgive your father and mother and let go of the past
  • Tana Libera Tutti A forgiveness formula to apply in any situation
  • The profound process of forgiving others and yourself

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About Daniel Lumera

Daniel Lumera, a natural biologist of Sardinian origin, is a lecturer and international reference in the field of the science of well-being, quality of life and the practice of meditation, which he studied and deepened with Anthony Elenjimittam, a direct disciple of Gandhi.


He is also the creator of the My Life Design® method, the conscious design of one’s professional, social and personal life, and the founder of the International School of Forgiveness and the International Day of Forgiveness, an international arena aimed at fostering dialogue between institutions and personalities from the world of culture, art, business and science, to engage in a pragmatic way with the dissemination of a culture of peace and conscience.


The event, born in 2016, has seen the participation of figures of the stature of Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, granddaughter of the Mahatma, Yolande Mukagasana (candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize), Terry Waite, Ervin László, Scarlett Lewis and many others, as well as prestigious awards from the UNHCR, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, the Ministry of Justice and, for the last three editions, the medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic for the high cultural value recognized to the initiatives accompanying the event itself.


I haven’t told you how much I’ve changed since I’ve been following you. I am more serene and begin to look at everything from the perspective of the sun. This affects the people around me. There is more harmony and optimism. Thank you again.


Thanks to Saber perdonar I discovered a tool that helped me evolve as a person. This training helps you to release pain, heal the wounds of the soul and realize yourself. These tools initially liberate you and then help you understand the roots of how you process information.

Fanny, psychologist

This training has taught me that forgiveness is a state of consciousness where you can see life from another perspective and love yourself deeply.


Knowing how to forgive. Release the past and enjoy the present. Daniel Lumera

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