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Neuroscience has shown that our behavior is directly related to our emotions and what we believe about how the world works, i.e. our beliefs. Many of these beliefs we learned consciously and unconsciously in our childhood and adolescence. How many of these beliefs learned years ago have you reviewed and updated? How many are holding you back?

This training updates you on what science knows and above all on what science DOES NOT KNOW. Knowing this will help you to review your beliefs about physical reality, about society and about yourself in order to transform them into other beliefs that will bring you greater well-being in your life.

Change your beliefs to change your behavior and change your life.

Perform a Human Updating.

  • Duration: 1h 15″ of videos plus extra exercises. A total of 8 hours of dedication.
  • Price: 49€ (tax incl.)
  • Language/Subtitles: Spanish

What this training will give you

This training will change your outlook and your attitude towards life. It will open you up:

  • A “No Saber”. To discover that our natural and social sciences do not know 96% of physical reality and have no answers to the great questions of existence.
  • To understand that human beings can interpret reality, but we lack the intellectual and sensory capacities to know it objectively.
  • To wonder, to accept not having answers and to be able to surrender to the mystery of the LIFE to which you belong.
  • To feel and treat your body as the main gateway to your consciousness and your brain.
  • To take care of what enters your body as food, because that is what gives it a certain shape and vibration.
  • To take care of the spaces in which you arrange your body, because they are the ones that generate the electromagnetic fields that will take care of it or make it sick.
  • To live the silence that you are and that reigns in your consciousness beyond your thoughts.
  • To be aware of the vacuum, energy and electromagnetic fields that is 99.999999999% of every atom in your body.
  • To learn that our human nature is emotional and not rational.
  • To remember that the path to life fulfillment is the quality of our relationships, not our individual achievements.
  • To learn that we are non-conscious beings since it is the unconscious that processes 95% of the information that passes through our brain.
  • To realize that a large part of our learning and beliefs have been integrated in a non-conscious way and therefore are not ours, nor can they define us.
  • To learn that human beings are consequences of a thousand factors in our environment. That science has already ruled out free will as a characteristic of human beings. That will open you to be compassionate with all those who have lived in conditions different from yours and who therefore have had fewer opportunities.
  • To understand that each society is regulated by its own cultural arbitrariness and not necessarily ethical. This will make us tolerant of differences in beliefs whose origin is arbitrary.

What does this training include?

This training has a practical approach and an accessible language that will allow you to easily understand what the science says today and transform your beliefs to work in your favor.

It includes 13 specific videos that will introduce you to the main postulates of the current scientific paradigm about physical, personal and social realities. You will detect the obsolete beliefs that limit your daily life and make it difficult to change behaviors in your daily life.

You will discover that the natural and social sciences ignore a very broad spectrum of reality. This knowledge of “not knowing” will give you a new vision of the role of human beings in the world, and will transform your attitude towards life.

It also includes a Learning Notebook and Personal Action Plan for you to integrate each video and implement changes in your life from the very first moment.

And as a bonus you will have the book The Wisdom of Not Knowing .

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Antonio Lozano. Wake Up

About Antonio Lozano

There are instants that seem insignificant, but have the power to propel us to remote places in our mind or our geography. My career is full of these lever moments. At the age of 24 I had a very intense one, which came as a stream of questions.


Why do I have this temperament, this character and this personality? What are the reasons for this political ideology? What are the reasons why I embrace some beliefs and not others?


These kinds of questions have been with me all my life.


I have a PhD in Political Science and Sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid. Master’s Degree in Business Management and Organization from the School of Industrial Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Business consultant, professor and entrepreneur.


Author of the book The Wisdom of Not Knowing; Update knowledge that will change your beliefs and your life. Editorial Kairós.


It compiles and shows in a very pleasant way new views of science, views that undoubtedly separately do not seem so categorical and that together form a new scenario that contrasts with the old prevailing paradigm and encourages us to change our look and open ourselves to Life. It also suggests tools for us to follow this path. Highly recommended.


I am fascinated by the ability to express from simplicity, such healing and liberating concepts. Thank you, a real discovery, the No Saber.


It gives a lot of keys to understand NON-REALITY. It will not leave you unmoved. A hymn to hope as humanity seeks its destiny in the eternal history of the unknown universe.


Human Updating. Antonio Lozano

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