The Conscious Company

a bridge between the corporate world and consciousness

Wake up drives an initiative to promote Mindfulness in Organizations

who we are

A diverse team open to collaboration with a clear purpose: to expand awareness in organizations.

Alejandro Guerra

Entrepreneur Mediator Coach, Volunteer, Servant

Iñaki Gil

Founding Entrepreneur of Intervida, Promoter of KonConsciencia

David Parejo

Chief Holistic Officer - Conscious Heart Oracle

Minerva Rossi

Coach, Trainer and Facilitator


We believe in the power of organizations to change the world.

We know that those individuals who possess greater awareness tend to experience greater happiness, make better decisions and are more connected to life and collective well-being. An environment shaped by conscious people, teams and organizations contributes to create a more humanized world, a more awakened world, a more humanized world.


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