Rosa Domingo tells us how the mind works

Your mind lies to you, this is how the mind works, according to Psychologist and Writer Rosa Domingo.

The mind lies to us and does not allow us to obtain all the information of reality, even altering our senses. The mind is designed to protect us, it wants us to survive, so in addition to its countless functions for the proper functioning and health of our physical body, it also takes care of our sanity and mental health.

The mind is in charge of generating thoughts, according to some experts, it generates between 60,000 and 200,000 thoughts a day. Some of these thoughts are of fear, excitement, euphoria, sadness, and all have a raison d’être and the goal of making us survive. Beyond just generating a thought, the mind can hide facts or elements of reality to protect us.

Psychologist Rosa Domingo cites some examples: Just as a child does not want to see that Santa Claus does not exist, an adult does not want to see that he is going to die. These are realities that are hard to face because they make us suffer. Taking into account that the mind lies to us, modifies our senses and our memories, that our memories are not real, but are images constructed and conditioned by the mind itself, and that there are thousands of factors and facts that we are not taking into account because we are not able to perceive them, we will realize that, perhaps, reality is not what we think it is.

The mind uses shortcuts to optimize our functioning, it goes down the practical path to consume fewer resources, therefore, it emits biases. That is to say, if we see a poorly dressed and dirty man, we probably think without knowing it that he is a beggar, or that he is dangerous and may rob us. This is something natural, the problem is that, with this way of optimizing, it makes us generate predetermined images of the people we relate to. That is why we cannot really know anyone, since we relate to images created by the mind, not to the people themselves. In this way, we do not allow people to surprise us, because we do not pay attention to what we do not think they can do. We even go so far as to condition those people to be the way we expect them to be, known as the Pygmalion Effect.

Metaphysics tells us that reality is modified by the one who observes it. Maybe you are seeing a very nice child (because he likes you and you have a positive effect on him) and I am seeing a frightened child, because I make him distrustful). We are both observing the same reality, but it is different because we have conditioned it. All these factors make us think and reflect, in order to look at life with a little more humility and less arrogance when it comes to expressing what we believe or think about something.Because, in fact, although the mind makes us feel safe and determined to protect ourselves, the truth is that we have no idea.

Be humble, think for yourself and wake up.

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Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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Wake up!

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