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In this interview, Ramiro Calle talks about Stoicism and how to apply it to everyday life.

Stoicism, an ancient school of philosophy founded in Athens in the third century B.C., continues to provide guidance and wisdom to millions of people in the contemporary world. Ramiro Calle, a renowned yoga and meditation teacher, offers a unique insight into how stoic principles can enrich our daily lives and help us navigate a society characterized by uncertainty and change.

The Value of Stoicism in Our Time

Stoicism’s teachings on emotional control, acceptance of the impermanent and the importance of virtue are remarkably well adapted to the challenges of modern life. Ramiro Calle invites us to consider the relevance of these principles today, noting that the uncertainty and constant change that characterize our society make these teachings especially relevant.

Incorporating Stoicism into Our Daily Routine

  1. Focus on the Controllable: Calle stresses the importance of focusing on what is within our control: our actions, our responses and our attitudes. By not wasting time and energy worrying about what is beyond our control, we free ourselves from a great deal of stress and anxiety, allowing for greater serenity in our lives.
  2. Cultivate the Acceptance Attitude: In our lives, we are often faced with unforeseen situations and challenges. Instead of resisting these changes, Calle reminds us of the stoic wisdom of accepting what we cannot change. This attitude facilitates adaptation to changing circumstances and promotes a sense of peace in the face of uncertainty.
  3. Fostering Virtue: Calle maintains that it is essential in our lives to cultivate virtue, whether through acts of kindness, honesty or perseverance. This concentration on virtue allows us to live authentically and in harmony with ourselves and with others.
  4. Living Fully in the Present: Stoicism advocates focusing on the present, avoiding getting caught up in regrets of the past or anxiety about the future. Calle stresses that mindfulness and mindful presence are powerful tools to reduce stress and improve our quality of life.

In today’s fast-paced world, the teachings of stoicism can provide a valuable framework for living with intention and balance. Inspired by Ramiro Calle’s ideas, we can incorporate these principles into our daily routine and experience the benefits of greater tranquility, acceptance and conscious presence. Far from being just an ancient philosophy, stoicism is a living and dynamic practice that we can apply in our daily lives for personal growth and well-being.

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