We are here to expand knowledge and expand love.

What are we in the world for? What are we here for? Why are we what we are?

These are some of the questions posed by Ramón Bayés, psychologist and writer.

According to Ramon Bayes, the reason we are in the world is to expand knowledge and expand love. We live as if we are never going to die, however, whether we like to see it or not, we are going to die.

Our journey will come to an end, and this stage on earth will end, to begin another. We live in automatic mode, we are accustomed to generate beliefs from things we hear, or that we are told, without having experienced them first, that is why we do not have our own criteria, we do not think for ourselves.

Life is experiences, and we must throw ourselves into living them, only then, only after experiencing them, will we be able to have our own criteria and think for ourselves.

Ramón Bayes invites us to reflect on our life, what we are in the world for and how to live it.

Wake up, live awake and never stop being curious, to pay attention to everything that life gives us.Do not believe anything, do not take anything for granted, dare to check it for yourself, being aware of our own ignorance, we still have a lot to know, to try, to read, to touch…

Living in a constant pursuit of getting things immediately is not worth it if you don’t enjoy and experience the journey.

The person is the journey, the journey is you.

Wake up Wake up!

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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Wake up

Wake up!

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