We do not value what is truly important

We live worried about problems that do not exist.

When we review the things we think we need, we discover that most of them are not important or even real, but are generated by the mind.

We live trying to hoard things, material goods that we think we need because they will make us happy. They will give us the longed-for happiness we pursue, so the more things we have, the happier we will be, right?

A life of permanent pursuit of goods, money, status or body 10 is a life of stress that has no end, because it is never enough. It is not enough simply because it does not work, i.e., having it all does not mean being happy.

Having many things, many material goods implies stress to keep them, or not to lose them, therefore, most of our problems are for things that are not important. This is what Juan Antonio Verde, Co-Founder of Help Rising Stars, a small NGO that helps in a school for primary school children in Kampala, Uganda, tells us.

Sometimes, we need to go far away to understand that what is important is not material. We live in the society of having and we are not aware of why we permanently desire and why we want so many things. Juan Antonio talks to us through his experience in Uganda about the importance of lending a hand to someone.

Helping someone or a group of people is good for us. It’s good because you know you’re helping someone else, but it’s also good because it’s fulfilling, it makes you feel better and somehow, helping others makes you a better person.

If you would also like to help, you can do so through the Hel Rising Stars website, https://helprisingstars.com/.

Value what you have, value what really matters, review your needs and you will discover that most of them are not real.

Thank you Juan Antonio Verde and Help Rising Stars for doing everything you do.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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