We look for stimuli to cover up sensations

We live over-stimulated, we are a society anesthetized with constant stimulus, so says David Foster Wallace in this interview that invites us to reflect.

David Foster Wallace is an American novelist, best known for his novel The Infinite Joke,6 considered by Time magazine as one of the 100 best novels in the English language.

David committed suicide in 2008, hanging himself in his home. He suffered from depression and according to his closest circle, he had been struggling with depression and had been on medication for 20 years.

David was a man committed to society and this was reflected in his works and also in this in-depth interview about entertainment. Entertainment consumption as a stimulus that anesthetizes the population. A model that works very well economically but leaves great deficiencies in terms of education and self-knowledge.

Money, pleasure, drugs to escape from problems. We look for sensations that cover up our sense of discomfort. We are entertained not to feel, not to be with ourselves.

We are an anesthetized society that only wants to think and does not dare to feel, we do not know how to keep silent, we have lost the ability to be patient and contemplate, we need to be permanently stimulated.

Thank you Holly Johnston for this video and for this nice tribute to David Foster Wallace and his legacy.

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Wake up!

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