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The mind is a tool that can drive you insane.

The Challenge of Our Mind

We all face difficulties in life and, curiously, all human beings share a common problem: our mind. We are so intertwined with it that we often cannot distinguish between ourselves and our thoughts. But what does this really mean?

Master Ramiro Calle and the Mind

The renowned yoga teacher, Ramiro Calle, offers us a profound reflection on the mind. According to him, human suffering originates mainly because we do not know how to master our mind. Often, we are caught in their traps, experiencing moments of torment, fear or sadness. And while the mind may be the source of these feelings, it also has the potential to be our greatest ally.

The Constant Activity of the Mind

Neurologists indicate that our mind generates between 60 and 80 thousand thoughts a day. These thoughts do not always represent what we really believe, but are simply products of mental activity. If we are aware and attentive, we can observe these thoughts and decide which ones to nurture and which ones to discard.

The Power of Consciousness

Suffering arises because we are unaware of this mental dynamic. The mind can distort our perception of reality and, if we are not aware of it, it can sabotage us, blackmail us and even become a “factory of suffering”. However, if we learn to use it correctly, it can be a powerful tool for our peace and well-being.

Our True Essence

Beyond the mind lies our true essence. The ancient practitioners of yoga already knew this. According to the teachings of yoga, there is the thinking mind and the non-mind. By connecting with the latter, we get closer to our authentic self.

The Path to Inner Peace

To find inner peace, it is essential to be aware of our mind, to dominate and control it. As Ramiro Calle says: “The mind is the thief of inner peace, it is the thief of our happiness”. Let us be grateful for his wisdom and let us seek that peace that resides within ourselves.

A Call for Reflection

Before I finish, I invite you not to take everything I have said as absolute truth. Instead, experiment and think for yourself. The key is to discover, through your own experience, the power of your mind and how to use it to your advantage.

Thank you Ramiro Calle for your wisdom

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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