We are emotional beggars – Borja Vilaseca

Modern slavery

Borja Vilaseca’s message is a wake-up call that we should all take seriously. It invites us to reflect on the modern slavery in which we often find ourselves trapped without even being aware of it. Slavery today does not manifest itself in physical chains and shackles, but in mental and emotional chains that bind us to destructive patterns of behavior and thinking.

We will describe ourselves as slaves to multiple aspects of our modern life:

1. Slaves of Society:

From an early age, society exerts a strong influence on us. We are told how we should behave, what is acceptable and what is not, what goals we should pursue and how we should fit into the system. Many times, this social pressure leads us to live lives that do not reflect our true desires and values.

2. Slaves of Consumerism:

The consumerism industry constantly bombards us with messages that urge us to buy, possess and accumulate material goods. It convinces us that happiness is in the acquisition of things, and leads us to go into debt and work long hours to maintain a lifestyle that does not really fulfill us.

3. Slaves of Brands and Image:

Brands and personal image have become an obsession in today’s society. We care more about the logo on our clothing than our own authenticity. We become slaves to appearance, seeking constant approval from others instead of valuing ourselves for who we really are.

4. Slaves of Government and Politics:

Politics and government can have a significant impact on our lives. However, we often become slaves to government decisions and political agendas without questioning them or actively participating in the democratic process.

5. Slaves of Social Networks:

Social networks can be a powerful tool for communication and connection, but they can also become a source of addiction and constant comparison. We become slaves to online validation and the need to show a perfect life.

6. Slaves of Our Limiting Beliefs:

Often, our self-limiting and negative beliefs keep us trapped in harmful patterns of thought and behavior. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough or that we do not deserve happiness, which prevents us from pursuing a more meaningful life.

Awakening Consciousness: Breaking the Chains

The first step to free ourselves from modern slavery is to become aware of it. As Borja Vilaseca mentions, the awakening of consciousness is fundamental to recognize the chains that bind us and to question the status quo imposed by society.

This awakening process leads us to:

1. In-depth self-evaluation:

We begin by examining our lives and our choices. We ask whether what we are doing and pursuing truly reflects our personal values and desires or whether we are simply following the expectations of others.

2. Challenging Limiting Beliefs:

We identify and question the limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward. Often, these beliefs were formed in our childhood or through past experiences and do not reflect our present reality.

3. Prioritization of Values:

We define our values and priorities in life. We learn to place value on what really matters, such as our relationships, our mental and emotional health, and our overall well-being.

4. Detachment from the Superficial:

We let go of the obsession for material possessions and superficial image. Instead, we value authenticity and meaningful experiences.

5. Active Participation:

Instead of being passive spectators of our own lives, we become active actors. We participate in political decisions, question consumerism and contribute to a more conscious and equitable society.

The Wealth of Inner Freedom

By freeing ourselves from the chains of modern slavery, we discover the richness of inner freedom. True freedom is not found in the accumulation of material goods or in the constant approval of others. Instead, it lies in the ability to make authentic choices and live in accordance with our deepest values and desires.

Modern slavery may be subtle and underlying, but with awareness and determination, we can break its chains and live a more authentic and meaningful life. In doing so, we find true richness: the freedom to be ourselves and live a life that reflects our true essence.

Final Reflections: The Road to Freedom

Borja Vilaseca’s reflection on modern slavery reminds us that true wealth lies in our ability to own our lives and decisions. The search for inner freedom leads us to question, to awaken our conscience and to live with authenticity.

If you’ve ever felt trapped in a cycle of consumerism, constant comparison or social pressure, remember that you have the power to break free. True freedom begins within you, and once you break the chains of modern slavery, you discover a world of possibilities and meaning beyond the superficial.

So, how would you like to live your life? As a slave to external expectations or as a free and authentic being? The choice is in your hands, and the path to freedom begins with awareness and the courage to challenge the imposed norm.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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