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This was the awakening of Rafael Puertas’ Consciousness.

Rafael puertas experienced an awakening of consciousness, or as he himself tells us in this interview, he had an encounter with unity.

Rafael Puerta is founder of Intervida, writer and promoter of Konconsciencia and tells us about his personal process of spiritual awakening and contact with consciousness following a traumatic event that changed everything.

The books written by Rafael Puertas can be downloaded at

Awakening consciousness is a very personal and individual process, so it can be difficult to determine with certainty whether someone has had an awakening of consciousness. However, there are some signs that may indicate that someone has gone through a process of transformation and awakening of consciousness.

Some of these signs include:

Greater mental and emotional clarity:

People who have experienced an awakening of consciousness often report greater mental clarity and calmness, enabling them to make more informed and conscious decisions.

A greater connection with oneself and others

People who have undergone an awakening of consciousness tend to have a greater emotional and empathic connection with others, as well as a greater ability to connect with their own self.

A greater sense of purpose and meaning.

People who have experienced an awakening of consciousness often have a greater understanding of their purpose and meaning in life, which enables them to live in a more conscious and fulfilling way.

A change in perspective on life

people who have undergone an awakening of consciousness often have a broader and deeper perspective on life, allowing them to appreciate the simple things in life and find meaning in the most ordinary experiences.

A greater appreciation for nature.

people who have undergone a consciousness awakening often have a greater connection to and appreciation for nature, which allows them to feel more connected to the natural world and find inspiration and peace in it.

In summary, if you have experienced some of these changes and transformations in your life, you may have gone through an awakening of consciousness. It is important to remember that this is a very personal process and that each person experiences his or her own path of awakening consciousness. If you have doubts or questions about this topic, it is advisable to talk to a mental health professional or an experienced spiritual guide.

The Encounter with Unity

The idea that we are all one and the feeling of oneness are concepts related to consciousness and spirituality, which refer to the idea that all people and living beings are connected to each other and to the universe on a deep and intrinsic level.

In this sense, the sense of oneness refers to the subjective experience of feeling connected to everything around us, including nature, other human beings, the universe and, in some cases, a divine or spiritual force.

The feeling of unity can be experienced in different ways, such as through meditative practices, in trance states, through the use of psychedelic substances, among others. In this state of consciousness, the person can feel a deep sense of love, peace and compassion for everything around them, and can experience a greater connection and empathy with other living beings.

We are all one

The idea that we are all one refers to the notion that all people and living beings are part of the same universe and share the same essence or universal consciousness. This idea is found in many spiritual and philosophical traditions, and it is believed that it can have a positive impact on the way people relate to each other and the world around them.

The sense of oneness and the idea that we are all one are concepts related to consciousness and spirituality, which refer to the notion that all people and living beings are connected to each other and to the universe on a deep and intrinsic level. These ideas can have a positive impact on the way people relate to each other and the world around them.

Have a meeting with the Unit

Having an encounter with oneness refers to the experience of feeling a deep connection and oneness with everything around us, including other living beings and the universe itself.

This experience is associated with expanded states of consciousness, such as those that can be achieved through meditation, yoga, prayer, or even the use of psychoactive substances. During this encounter, the person may feel completely absorbed by the experience and may have the sensation of ego dissolution, allowing him/her to experience a deep sense of oneness and connection with the universe.

It is common for people to describe this experience as a feeling of deep love and compassion, and it has been observed that it can have a positive impact on their emotional, mental and physical well-being. In addition, this experience can lead to a greater understanding and acceptance of the nature of existence, as well as greater awareness and empathy towards other living beings.

It is important to keep in mind that this experience may be different for each person and may depend on his or her cultural, religious and personal context. Furthermore, the experience of having an encounter with unity is not something that can be achieved permanently, but rather it is a state of consciousness that can be experienced temporarily and that requires practice and dedication to achieve it.

Knowing oneself to awaken Consciousness

Knowing oneself is a fundamental part of the process of awakening consciousness. Through this practice, we can identify our true needs, desires, values and beliefs, allowing us to make decisions that are more conscious and aligned with our inner self.

In addition, self-awareness allows us to be more aware of our emotions and thoughts, which enables us to manage them more effectively and not be dragged down by them. It also helps us to better understand our strengths and weaknesses, which allows us to work on our personal development and improve our interpersonal relationships.

The process of self-awareness may involve practices such as meditation, introspection, therapy and personal exploration. These practices deepen our awareness and connect us with our inner self, which helps us to better understand who we really are.

In short, the process of awakening consciousness begins with self-awareness. When we know ourselves, we can make more conscious decisions aligned with our inner self, manage our emotions and thoughts effectively, improve our interpersonal relationships and achieve greater personal fulfillment. Practices such as meditation, introspection and therapy can help us on this path.

Life after an awakening of consciousness

An “awakening of consciousness” refers to an experience of profound transformation in which a person feels more connected to their inner self, their environment and the universe in general. This is often associated with an increased awareness of self and the world, as well as a sense of connection and oneness with life.

After an awakening of consciousness, life can feel very different. The person can experience a sense of peace, fulfillment and gratitude for all that life has to offer. They may feel more connected to others and have greater empathy and compassion for them.

Often, after an awakening of consciousness, the person also becomes more aware of his or her thoughts, emotions and actions, and may feel a greater sense of responsibility for his or her own well-being and the well-being of others. They may feel more motivated to make positive changes in their lives and to help create a better world for everyone.

However, it is important to keep in mind that an awakening of consciousness is not an end state, but rather a beginning on a continuous path of growth and evolution. Life after an awakening of consciousness may include ups and downs and challenges, but the person may feel more equipped to meet these challenges with greater awareness and emotional resilience.

In general, life after an awakening of consciousness can be a profoundly enriching and meaningful experience that can lead to greater peace, happiness and personal fulfillment.

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