We are Emotionally Ill

The emotionally ill

If you want to be healthier and you want to know how to have a healthier life, you can apply some daily practices, very simple and free for you.

We are emotionally ill. Our way of thinking, feeling and acting has direct effects on our health and our body.

We can have a healthier life, as explained by Dr. Jorge Carvajal, Surgeon Doctor of the University of Antioquia.

Dr. Carvajal argues that we are emotionally ill and that according to medical results, it has been proven that a person who lives a life subjected to stress, fear or anxiety is more likely to suffer from heart disease .

Beyond that, the doctor is convinced that our emotions have a direct effect and repercussion on our body and our physical health .

Personality and behavioral traits such as pessimism, negativity or low self-esteem lower our defenses, causing a weak immune system, which exposes us to more illnesses and diseases.

When people do not have inner peace, do not live at ease with themselves, they are at greater risk of not living a healthy and wholesome life and of contracting degenerative diseases.

Inner peace is therapeutic, love is therapeutic, human relationships are therapeutic, if we live a mentally and emotionally healthy life we will live longer and better, we will enjoy better health and we will have a healthier life.

Medicines and drugs are fine, on the one hand they help us to live with the pain, but they treat the problem after the fact, when the disease or ailment has already broken out. On the other hand, to have a healthier life, according to Dr. Carvajal proposes, to lead an emotionally balanced and stable life, is to take care of our health in a preventive way, is to improve our health and prevent those diseases or ailments so that they do not appear, is preventive medicine.

People are not a group of molecules, people feel and suffer, and this is an aspect that current medicine takes very little account of.

Patients are reduced to a medical sheet, a technical characteristics sheet, however, the emotions that make us sick are not taken into account, treating the human part of the patient in addition to only the physical, offers better results.

Realizing this and being aware of it, to make small changes in our lives, taking ourselves more into account, will make us enjoy a healthier and longer life. The awakening of consciousness gives us the possibility to realize and look at our environment, our emotions, our physical health and ourselves in a more conscious and consistent way, that’s why, smile more, be more positive, give more hugs, show affection to the people you love, be kinder, treat people with affection. and you will be treating yourself, your body, your mind and your health better.

To have a healthier life, you can apply some daily practices:

  • Smile
  • Give more hugs
  • Gives tokens of affection
  • Don’t be pessimistic
  • Don’t live stressed about everything
  • Don’t rush everywhere
  • Accept yourself as you are
  • Treat yourself with love
  • Love yourself
  • Be more grateful, be thankful for being alive.

Know yourself, be aware of your emotions, your body and your health, practice preventive medicine, medicine with soul.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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