Let’s stop being a Cancer for the Planet

We can stop being the Cancer of our Planet

We reproduce en masse, consume resources and destroy the environment: We are a cancer for the planet. This is the reflection we invite you to make today.

The planet is like a great living organism, like a lung, like a heart, and we are destabilizing it and destroying its functioning and its life little by little.

We are our own worst enemy, we are a cancer to ourselves and to the planet. By destroying the planet, we are destroying ourselves.

We are plundering the sea, we are changing the climate, we are ravaging the forests and there seems to be no end in sight.

The human being is not aware, people and most of society are caught up in their day to day lives, engrossed in their obsession with getting things, a nice body, a powerful car, a big house, a job with status.

We spend our lives in an endless merry-go-round and we are not aware of ourselves, of our role in the world and of our environment. We are a plague on the planet. The human being is a virus.

Low self-esteem, frustration, stress and anxiety make us live trapped in a terrible spiral and do not allow us to enjoy the important things, nor nature, so we do not value it, we do not connect with it .

When one knows oneself, comes to understand, accept and love oneself, then one is able to begin to enjoy life and nature.

The awakening of consciousness makes you aware, looking at the world with a conscious gaze, understanding your place and making you lead a healthy and sustainable life with yourself and the environment.

Human beings are a cancer for the planet. We must be aware that, like cancer, over the years, we have been reproducing in an uncontrolled manner. We have quadrupled the planet’s population in recent years.

It’s simple, if we continue to grow at this rate, there won’t be enough resources for everyone. Already today, to meet our consumption needs, we would need 1.7 planets.

Consumption and resources are unequal; if all countries consumed like the United States, for example, we would need 5 planets to satisfy all consumption needs.

We are consuming resources. We have created a world based on consumption.

We are ravaging the sea, unbalancing ecosystems and altering the natural balance. We are destroying the forests.

Our consumption levels are not sustainable and we are killing the life that generates life. Trees are indispensable and we are killing them. We are fouling the water.

We pollute the sea without thinking about the consequences. We pollute the air we breathe. We are not aware of the pollution and the harmful effects on ourselves and the ecosystem.

To stop being a cancer for the planet and to live in harmony, respecting the environment, is possible, but to do so we must be aware.

Stop being a cancer, it’s in your hand, every day.

  • You can reduce your water and electricity consumption
  • You can keep your environment and city clean
  • You can recycle
  • You can reduce your meat and fish consumption
  • You can start living a sustainable life with the environment, the place where you live.
  • If you take care of your environment, you will be taking care of yourself and you will feel better.

Thank you Alfredo for giving voice to this much needed message.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

Wake up

Wake up!

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