Awakening of Consciousness at Work

Why do you work in what you work in?

The awakening of Consciousness at work is to start over at a professional level, it is to be aware and realize that what you have been doing with your professional life and your talent does not make you happy.

From the moment we are born, we receive the education we are told to receive, we pursue specific studies that are supposedly adequate, and we have suitable jobs, based on what others expect, on stability and remuneration, but…

What about what we want?

What about what we are passionate about?

How is it possible that after doing everything right, as expected of me, I am not happy and feel frustrated and unmotivated?

Our job takes up most of our day and therefore most of our life. To have a job that does not motivate us, that we are not passionate about and that frustrates us, is to have a passionless and frustrated life. The awakening of Consciousness at work frees us.

In this scene, we can see how, without realizing it, we live our lives on automatic and it invites us to reflect on personal fulfillment in order to start from scratch.

We must be aware of what we do and how we feel, awaken Consciousness at work to turn around and start again at a professional level to be motivated and happier.

Are you motivated by your work? are you passionate about what you do?

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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