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Awakening Consciences: Wake Up Interview with Alejandro Guerra, Founder of Wake Up to Diego, creator of “Dieguito Dieguete”.

Sometimes, life throws us signals that we cannot ignore. Sometimes, we need to wake up and say “Enough!”. This was the case of Diego, better known as the communicator behind “Dieguito Dieguete”. In this interview, we will explore Diego’s inspiring story and his social media channel, which has become a courageous voice to denounce the inconsistencies, barbarities and overpayments that often go unnoticed in today’s politics.

Diego’s Awakening

All of us at some point in our lives find ourselves at a crossroads, where we feel we need to make a radical change. Diego was no exception. In a world full of discouraging news and questionable policy decisions, he decided to take action. He realized that he simply could not sit idly by, waiting for a change that never came.

It was then that he decided to take a step forward and create his own social media channel. His goal was clear: to expose uncomfortable truths, give a voice to ordinary citizens and fight against the impunity that often surrounds politicians.

The revolution in social networks

Diego was quick to launch his project and called it “Dieguito Dieguete”. With this ingenious name, he made it clear that his mission was to awaken the consciences of those who followed him. In just over a year, Diego has hundreds of thousands of followers in the networks and is growing steadily.

Highlighting Inconsistencies

One of the main objectives of Diego and his platform is to expose policy inconsistencies. In a world where politicians often speak with double-speak, Diego has dedicated himself to deciphering the words and actions of leaders and exposing contradictions, with sarcasm and a sense of humor. His followers appreciate his bold and direct approach to pointing out inconsistencies in political discourse.

Denouncing Barbarities

Dieguito Dieguete does not stop at pointing out inconsistencies, he also focuses on denouncing the barbarities that some politicians commit in their quest for power or wealth. Through a critical vision, Diego unveils unacceptable acts that often go unnoticed.

Politicians’ salary increases

One of the hottest topics in politics is the use of bonuses and personal benefits at the expense of citizens. Diego has made this fight a priority in his platform. Through his publications, he exposes the constant salary increases of politicians.

The Current State of Democracy

Democracy should guarantee transparency and accountability, sometimes it seems that political parties can do whatever they want without consequences. Diego and his platform highlight this problem and advocate for a fairer and more equitable political system.


Diego, the founder of “Dieguito Dieguete”, reminds us that we all have the power to bring about positive change in our society. Their courageous effort to expose inconsistencies, denounce barbarities and fight against salary increases and corruption in politics deserves our recognition and support.

In a Spain where we feel powerless before the decisions of politicians, Dieguito Dieguete invites us to wake up, to raise our voices and take action. Because, as this social communicator demonstrates, change is possible when we dare to say “Enough!” and fight for a better world.

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