The normal is to be different

Normal people do not exist, what is normal is to be different.

We live in a society that rejects what is out of the standard, when the normal thing is to be different.

Our fears, frustrations and insecurities make us unwilling to show ourselves as we are because that makes us vulnerable and therefore susceptible to being hurt. Our ego, that inner voice that is ourselves, has the function of protecting us, helping us to survive and be accepted in society, which does not allow us to show ourselves in Essence. The duality Ego and Essence is what conditions our personality and behavior throughout the years.

To be a normal person is not to be yourself.

Self-knowledge makes you aware that to be normal is to live in the character of our personality, a cage that does not allow us to think, feel or act freely, without taking into account what people will say about us.

Despite the fact that it is normal to be different, the vast majority of the population lives in fear of showing themselves and also rejects those who have the courage to show themselves in essence, leaving ego aside.

The awakening of consciousness is to realize this, to be aware of our ego, our personality, to ask questions about ourselves, who we are, how we think and why we do what we do. In this video of Childline we see in a graphic and easy to understand way, that the normal is to be different and the reflection of our ego and essence.

There are few conscious people, being weird is normal, being weird is admirable, being weird is brave. Be rare, be authentic, be aware

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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