The New Paradigm – Pablo d’Ors

We live in a New Paradigm

The New Paradigm: A Collective Awakening to a Conscious Reality

In the current era, marked by rapid technological advances, social changes and a growing spiritual awareness, we are in the midst of a collective awakening to a new paradigm of life and existence. In an inspiring lecture, Pablo D’Ors guides us through this journey towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The Paradigm Shift: From Thinking and Doing to Being and Connecting

Pablo D’Ors begins his lecture by challenging two myths rooted in our society: the myth of thought and the myth of action. It urges us to reflect on the idea that our existence is about thinking and doing, a concept that has long guided our lives. However, it makes us question the effectiveness of these traditional approaches when it comes to dealing with deep and fundamental problems.

D’Ors leads us to consider that, instead of changing the world around us, we must begin by changing ourselves. By recognizing the intrinsic connection we share with everything in this universe, we can understand that if we transform our own perception and way of being, we will inevitably influence the world around us. It is a reminder that change starts from within and spreads outward.

The Crisis as an Opportunity for Awakening

Many times, the process of awakening consciousness arises as a result of a crisis or a shocking event in our lives. Pablo D’Ors provides a poignant example by mentioning that his own spiritual awakening was catalyzed by a conflict with the Church at the age of 40. This vital crisis made him rethink his life and reconsider his spiritual path. It is a reminder that it is often in the midst of the most difficult challenges that we find clarity and direction toward a new paradigm.

The Importance of Self-knowledge

A fundamental theme that D’Ors addresses is the need to know ourselves. This involves looking within ourselves, recognizing our emotions, thoughts and actions, and honestly examining who we are. Self-knowledge is the basis for personal change and, ultimately, for change in the world.

Meditation, in particular, stands out as an essential tool in the quest for self-knowledge. D’Ors is an expert meditator and has written several books on this subject. Meditation allows us to go into the depths of our mind and discover the true nature of our being. It is through the constant practice of meditation that we can come to understand our own motivations, fears and desires.

Beyond Traditional Myths

In his lecture, Pablo D’Ors challenges three traditional myths that have defined our lives and often lead to dissatisfaction and suffering.

1. The Myth of Work

One of these myths is the way we interpret work. We often see work as a constant struggle, a race to achieve objectives and goals. However, D’Ors reminds us that the most important work we must do is to work on ourselves. This perspective leads us to seek a balance between work and self-reflection, recognizing that true transformation begins from within.

2. The Myth of the Couple

Another deep-seated myth is the romantic myth that another person can make us happy. D’Ors urges us to abandon this belief and to understand that happiness is an internal state that does not depend on anyone else. Instead of looking to others for the happiness we desire, we should work on ourselves to find inner peace and joy.

3. The Myth of Society

The third myth that Pablo D’Ors addresses is the way we relate to society as a whole. Too often, we struggle to change the world around us, without recognizing that inner peace is possible. True peace comes from allowing ourselves and others to live in peace. Leaving others alone is an act of respect and a conscious choice that contributes to a more harmonious world.

Science and Consciousness: An Emerging New Paradigm

The new paradigm that is developing encompasses significant changes at all levels of our existence. Science and consciousness come together in this new understanding that everything in the universe is interconnected. We no longer see the world as something separate from us, but understand that we are an integral part of it. This shift in perspective leads us to abandon the notion of conquering the world and, instead, reconnects us with the idea that we are the universe.

Collective Awakening: We are an Awakened Minority

In the midst of this paradigm shift, we can recognize that we are part of a growing but significant minority. More and more people are awakening to this new understanding of life and reality. As we adopt a more conscious and connected mindset, we contribute to the evolution of humanity toward a state of greater harmony and understanding.


Ultimately, Pablo D’Ors’ message in this conference is a call for reflection and action. It urges us to question our ingrained beliefs and explore a new paradigm of life based on self-awareness, connection and understanding of our role in the universe. As we continue on this collective journey of awakening, we can find inner peace and contribute to the blossoming of our own lives.

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