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In this interview for Wake up, professional mentalist Shiro talks about how to manipulate people’s minds.

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In the world we live in, we are bombarded daily with visual, sound and tactile stimuli. Many of these stimuli are designed to influence our perception and decisions, even without us realizing it. In this article, we will discover how our mind is subliminally manipulated, from the tricks used by mentalists with anchors to the techniques implemented by brands in their advertising campaigns.

Mentalists and the Art of Anchoring

Mentalists, experts in the art of reading and manipulating the human mind, often use techniques called “anchoring”. An anchor, in terms of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), refers to the association of a specific stimulus with an emotional or physical response. For example, a mentalist can create an anchor by lightly touching a person’s shoulder each time he or she feels happiness. Subsequently, by replicating that touch, it can evoke in the person that same emotion of happiness.

Brands and Subliminal Influence

Just as mentalists use anchors, brands use these emotional hooks to influence our purchasing decisions. Brands create associations in our minds between a product and a specific emotion or sensation. Once this association is ingrained, brands can evoke the desired response by presenting the associated stimulus.

Key Example: Soft Drink Campaigns

Think of soft drink advertising campaigns that include images of mint leaves floating in cool water. Although the product may not contain mint, the simple image evokes a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. This is a subliminal technique that utilizes the power of anchoring to connect the mint with pleasurable sensations.

Key Example 2: Perfume Advertising

Take, for example, perfume advertising. These ads rarely describe the aroma of the product. Instead, they present us with scenarios full of glamour, romance or adventure, subliminally associating the perfume with these emotions and experiences. When we see the ad, our mind establishes an anchor between the perfume and the feeling of being attractive or adventurous. The next time we feel the desire to feel that way, our brain is likely to remind us of that particular perfume.


Subliminal manipulation of our mind is a powerful tool used by both mentalists and commercial brands. Through the establishment of anchors, associations are created that guide us in our decisions and perceptions. While subliminal influence may seem disturbing, it also offers a fascinating window into the inner workings of the human mind. Being aware of these techniques allows us to be more informed consumers and viewers, able to discern between our own decisions and those that have been subliminally influenced.

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