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In the vibrant therapeutic setting led by Joan Garriga, creator of the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona and pioneer in the introduction of Family Constellations in Spain, a unique perspective on the language of love is highlighted. Garriga, a graduate in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, has forged a distinctive path by merging his deep knowledge in Gestalt therapy with the powerful tools of Family Constellations.

Joan Garriga: Visionary in the Therapeutic Field

Since the creation of the Institut Gestalt de Barcelona in 1986, Joan Garriga has been a beacon of innovation in the Spanish therapeutic field. Her eclectic approach, combining psychology, Gestalt therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Family Constellations, has positively impacted the way we understand and address the complexities of love in our lives.

The Language of Love: A Profound Dialogue with Ourselves and Others

According to Joan Garriga, the language of love is not limited to romantic words or passionate gestures; it is a profound dialogue that transcends the barriers of conventional communication. At the heart of his philosophy is the notion that each individual has a unique love language, a particular way of expressing and receiving affection.

Family Constellations: Deciphering the Patterns of Love

Garriga argues that both healthy and challenging patterns of love are rooted in family dynamics. Through Family Constellations, these dynamics can be explored visually and symbolically, shedding light on the ways in which each individual experiences and perceives love in his or her life.

The Role of Gestalt Therapy in the Language of Love

Gestalt therapy, another mainstay of Garriga’s practice, provides a framework that fosters mindfulness and authenticity in relationships. From this perspective, the language of love manifests itself in genuine connection, recognition of emotions and unconditional acceptance of self and others.


Benefits of Understanding the Love Language according to Joan Garriga:

Improved Relationships: By understanding and respecting the different love languages, emotional connections are strengthened, improving the quality of relationships.

Deep Self-knowledge: Exploring one’s own love language through Family Constellations and Gestalt therapy leads to greater self-knowledge and personal acceptance.

Healing of Limiting Patterns: Identifying dysfunctional love patterns allows you to address them and work toward healing them, facilitating positive change in future relationships.

Final Conclusions: Navigating the Vast Ocean of Love

Joan Garriga, with her holistic and visionary approach, urges us to explore the vast ocean of love through a unique and personal language. Her legacy at the Institut Gestalt in Barcelona and her influence in the diffusion of Family Constellations highlight the importance of understanding that love is diverse, complex and, above all, an experience that can be transformed through self-knowledge and acceptance. In the journey towards understanding the language of love, Joan Garriga guides us to discover the depths of our own emotions and relationships, offering a beacon of light on the path to a more authentic and meaningful connection.<

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