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Complete Interview of Ramiro Calle about Marriage, only for Seeker Users

In this interview with Ramiro Calle, we talk about Marriage and Self-knowledge.

Marriage is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted social institutions in human history. However, in contemporary society, failure in marriage has become increasingly common. Why do so many marital relationships end in failure? Yoga teacher and writer Ramiro Calle suggests that lack of self-knowledge is one of the fundamental reasons behind this phenomenon.

The Human Being and his Search for Companionship

Since time immemorial, humans have sought companionship and emotional connection through marriage. In the search for a life partner, we often focus on what we desire in the other: shared qualities, characteristics and goals. However, Ramiro Calle reminds us that, in order to have a successful relationship, it is equally important to look inward and know oneself.

The Challenge of Self-Knowledge

Self-knowledge involves exploring our own identity, understanding our emotions, desires, fears and needs. It is an ongoing process of reflection and self-discovery that allows us to have a more authentic and meaningful relationship with ourselves and, by extension, with our partner in marriage.

Ramiro Calle argues that many people enter marriage without a deep understanding of who they really are. This can lead to unrealistic expectations and conflict in the relationship, as we often project our own unmet wants and needs onto our partner.

The Road to a Successful Marriage Relationship

To build and maintain a successful marital relationship, it is essential to embark on a journey of self-knowledge. This involves:

  1. Deep Reflection: Taking time to reflect on our past experiences, our strengths and weaknesses, and how our life experiences have shaped our perspectives and expectations.
  2. Self-acceptance: Learning to accept ourselves as we are, with our imperfections and virtues. Self-acceptance is a crucial step towards building a relationship based on authenticity.
  3. Open Communication: Encourage open and honest communication with our partner. This involves sharing our thoughts and feelings honestly and actively listening to our partner.
  4. Learning and Growing Together: Recognizing that self-knowledge is a constantly evolving process. As we learn more about ourselves, we must also be willing to grow and adapt in the relationship.

Marriage Success Through Self-Awareness

In summary, Ramiro Calle reminds us that failure in marriage may be related to our inability to know ourselves. Self-knowledge provides us with the solid foundation we need to build and maintain successful marital relationships. By looking inward and understanding our own needs and desires, we can establish deeper and more authentic connections with our partner, leading to a more fulfilling and lasting marital relationship. Ultimately, the journey to self-knowledge is a journey to success in love and marriage.

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