We are emotional beggars according to Borja Vilaseca

Are you an emotional Beggar?

In today’s society, Borja Vilaseca offers us a profound reflection that invites us to question our deep-rooted beliefs about love and happiness. It confronts us with an uncomfortable truth: we are emotional beggars. Through his teachings, we explore how to break free from this cycle of emotional dependency and discover the path to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

The Search for External Love

One of the central points that Borja Vilaseca highlights is the widespread belief that we need others to love us in order to be happy. This constant search for the approval and love of others leads us to relate to each other from a state of emotional lack. We put our happiness in the hands of others, like emotional beggars waiting for someone else to fill our emptiness.

Love from Lack

The love we learn from society, the media and popular culture is often based on lack. We believe that we must give love in order to receive it, and this can lead to a dynamic of conditional giving and receiving. We become emotional beggars who offer love as a bargaining chip, and expect love to be reciprocated. When it is not, we suffer and feel hurt.

Focus on the Exterior

Borja Vilaseca urges us to change our perspective. Instead of focusing on getting love and approval from others, we should look inward and know ourselves. Lack of self-knowledge makes us emotionally dependent on our surroundings, like beggars who depend on the generosity of others. This dependence can lead to toxic relationships based on manipulation and emotional blackmail.

Toxic Relationships and Emotional Beggars

When we live from emotional lack, we attract and are attracted to other emotional beggars. The relationships that develop in this dynamic are fragile and destructive. We constantly seek validation and love from others, and this can lead to codependency and mutual suffering. Instead of relationships based on well-being and personal fulfillment, we create relationships based on unmet needs and expectations.

The Path to Wholeness

Borja Vilaseca offers us a clear solution: stop being emotional beggars. To do so, we must begin by knowing ourselves, accepting and loving ourselves. By nurturing ourselves emotionally and finding fulfillment within ourselves, we stop depending on others for our happiness and self-esteem.

When we love ourselves, we are able to offer love to others in an authentic and selfless way. We do not seek external validation or expect rewards for our love. Our capacity to love becomes unconditional and unconditional. This is the love that nurtures healthy and meaningful relationships.

The Value of Borja Vilaseca’s Message

Borja Vilaseca offers us a valuable reflection that challenges conventional notions about love and happiness. His message reminds us that the search for happiness and love outside ourselves is a trap that keeps us trapped in a cycle of emotional dependency. By recognizing our own value and finding fulfillment within ourselves, we can free ourselves from this dependency and live more authentic and enriching lives.

Ultimately, Borja Vilaseca’s message is a reminder that self-love and self-knowledge are fundamental to building healthy relationships and a fulfilling life. He urges us to stop begging for love and, instead, to embrace inner fulfillment as the path to a life full of meaning and authenticity.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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