Ignatius Farray is waking up

The awakening of Ignatius Farray

Igantius Farray’s Conscious Awakening is a process that is born in confinement.

Ignatius Farray is a well-known comedian who is going through his best moment and as a result of his confinement, he decided to write a book: Live like a beggar, dance like a king. Be aware, be humble and live to the fullest.

Confinement has made us spend time alone, with ourselves, which makes us, to a greater or lesser extent, look inside.

Writing about oneself is a very powerful and therapeutic tool, which makes us look back and see who we are, what we do and what results we are getting. These are two of the most common ingredients that can provoke the awakening of consciousness.

In the case of Ignatius Farray, judging by his own words, we interpret that he is in the middle of a process of Conscious Awakening that once started, never ends (or should not). In addition, Ignatius Farray is a monologuist, which has led him to create a character opposite to himself, the ego opposite to the essence, which forces him to take distance in order to observe himself and his character, to observe his ego.

Observing yourself allows you to get to know yourself, allowing you to realize how you are and how your personality and behavior, thoughts and emotions work. On the other hand, it allows him to become aware of his environment, the society in which we live. A society in which we all function on automatic.

We do not stop to observe the life we lead, nor the things we do, as we can see in this video.

The masses, the people, society criticizes and rejects those who step out of it, and the awakening of consciousness is not well seen because once a person awakens, it is impossible for him to continue living in society as he did before.

Being conscious is a courageous act. We are fans of the brave, we are fans of Ignatius…

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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Wake up

Wake up!

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