Melendi’s Awakening of Consciousness

Melendi’s Awakening of Consciousness

The awakening of Melendi’s Consciousness came when he hit rock bottom, first with an incident on a plane, on a transatlantic flight, and then with a drug addiction.

Ramon Melendi is a well-known Spanish singer who turned his life around. He had an awakening of consciousness or what is also known as Spiritual Awakening. The awakening of consciousness usually comes after a saturation of suffering, a bottoming out that tells you that it’s not that way, it makes you stop to look at yourself and realize yourself, your character and your surroundings.

“we live so mimicked with the character we create, that it becomes a cage.”

Self-knowledge allows us to observe ourselves in order to know ourselves, so we can accept ourselves as we are, with our defects and our virtues and thus be able to love ourselves and have self-esteem.

In the video we can appreciate some of the stages of the awakening of consciousness or spiritual awakening in Melendi’s life and we appreciate it in his own words.

Questioning your beliefs, living here and now, not being tormented by the past or pursuing things that we believe will make us happy to really value what is important, are just some of the things that come after an awakening, as Melendi himself explains in the video.

Melendi has just published a book with Sergi Torres, about self-knowledge: “Whatsapps with my Guru”.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experience it and think for yourself.

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