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In this interview with Jai Arumi, we talk about the awakening of consciousness, suffering, hitting bottom and the feeling of emptiness.

In the journey of life, we often get caught up in the daily routine, pursuing material objectives without taking into account the essence of our existence. Jai Arumi, author of the moving book “The Silent Sanction”, guides us towards a transformative perspective: the awakening of consciousness as an act of total submission to life experience.

In Search of Meaning

The story of Alicia, the central protagonist of “The Silent Sanction,” reflects the internal struggle faced by many people. In her search for meaning and authenticity, Alicia shows us that it is often necessary to shed the layers of external expectations and inner fears to discover the true essence of life.

The Act of Yielding

According to Jai Arumi, the awakening of consciousness is not about resistance or constant effort. Rather, it is an act of surrender. Surrendering to life involves letting go of control and trusting that the universe has a larger purpose for us.

The Power of Inner Silence

One of the outstanding elements of the book is the emphasis on the importance of inner silence. In a world full of noise and distractions, finding moments of serenity and mental calm becomes a catalyst for the awakening of consciousness. In silence, we discover our authentic voice and connect with our intuition.

The Relevance of Acceptance

Accepting all that life presents us with, whether favorable or challenging, is a fundamental part of the awakening process. Jai Arumi reminds us that every experience, without exception, is an opportunity for growth and learning. When we stop resisting and begin to accept, we find true liberation.

Conclusion: A Transformative Journey

The book “The Silent Sanction” by Jai Arumi takes us through Alice’s journey towards awakening consciousness and submission to full livingness. It shows us that transformation is not achieved through struggle, but through surrender and acceptance. By embracing inner silence and flowing with the universe, we can unveil a more authentic and meaningful life.

The awakening of consciousness according to Jai Arumi reminds us that true wealth is found in the connection with ourselves and the world around us. Surrendering to life reveals itself as an act of courage and self-love that opens the doors to a fuller and more enriching existence. Are you ready to start your own journey of awakening and submission?

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