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In this interview, Shiro the Mentalist, talks about how the mind can be manipulated and how brands, companies and advertising manipulate and hypnotize us to consume.

We live in a time when we are more connected than ever. However, along with this global interconnectedness comes a constant flow of information and stimuli, many of which are meticulously designed to influence our decisions and behaviors. But to what extent have companies, brands and advertising managed to manipulate our minds? In this article, we will explore the tactics and techniques used and how they affect our day-to-day decisions.

The Age of Consumerism

From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, we are surrounded by brands and advertising. They not only sell products, but lifestyles, emotions and aspirations. A simple advertisement for a soft drink not only sells the beverage, but also the feeling of belonging, youth and fun. Companies have perfected the art of connecting their products with emotions, making the purchase decision seem almost automatic.

Subliminal Marketing Strategies

Subliminal marketing techniques are designed to influence our decisions without us being aware of it. These may include:

  • Product Placement: Whether in movies, series or television programs, products are presented in such a way that we associate them with certain characters or situations.
  • Music and Sound: Stores often use background music to influence shopping behavior. A fast pace can make us buy impulsively, while a slow one can make us spend more time in the store.
  • Use of Colors: Companies carefully choose the colors of their logos and products based on how these colors make us feel. Red, for example, is associated with passion and energy, while blue evokes confidence.

The Role of Social Networks

Social networks have amplified the reach of brands and have introduced a new form of manipulation: influencer marketing. Here, the people we follow and admire show us products and lifestyles, which can influence our aspirations and purchasing decisions.


While it is true that we live in a society highly influenced by brands and advertising, it is also essential to recognize that we have the power to make informed decisions. Being aware of manipulation techniques allows us to be critical and select which influences we allow into our lives. In this information age, education and awareness are our best tools against subliminal manipulation.

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