Anxiety: Stopping the mind – Mario Alonso Puig

Stopping the mind

Stopping the mind is the key to lowering our anxiety levels.

We all suffer from anxiety to a greater or lesser extent, it is natural and normal. The mind takes us out of the here and now permanently. This is the message sent to us by Dr. Mario Alonso Puig

The human mind is a marvelous and tremendously complex thing. We need the mind for everything and thanks to it we survive, but it can become something dangerous and harmful to us, if we are not aware and do not understand how it works.

The human mind is what differentiates us from the rest of mammals, since it allows us to be foresighted, and to think ahead of possible events, which has allowed us to survive as a species. We do not live exclusively here and now, being able to project different scenarios and foresee possible situations or problems, which is very useful for survival.

On the other hand, learning from past experiences and mistakes allows us to better prepare ourselves for the future and for survival.

To live with anxiety is to live mentally projecting things that may happen in the future or becoming bitter about things we could have done in the past.

The problem is when we spend the vast majority of our time, of our lives anticipating problems and projecting different scenarios. This keeps us in permanent tension, stress and anxiety, living worried about things that have not happened yet and that in many cases will never happen.

Being able to stop the mind to live more in the here and now, focusing our attention on the things we do and on the important things, allows us to rest from the mental noise that triggers our anxiety and consumes us.

Permanent anxiety has psychological and physical consequences, it consumes our energy and makes our organism work at full speed, causing numerous diseases. In fact, it has been proven that most illnesses are caused or aggravated by anxiety, as Mario Alonso Puig states

Be aware, know yourself, stop your mind, stop living with anxiety.

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