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Javier García Campayo, renowned Psychiatrist and Director of the Master of Mindfulness at the University of Zaragoza, shares his wisdom in a fascinating interview conducted by Alejandro Guerra in Wake Up. In this revealing dialogue, the author of the book “Stopping to Live Better” immerses us in the profound meaning and essential importance of pausing in the maelstrom of daily life.

García Campayo invites us to reflect on the value of stopping, observing carefully and becoming aware of existence itself. It urges us to recognize what is really important in our lives, to understand who we are and to evaluate the direction we are taking in this vast world.

This interview is an inspiring reminder that, in the midst of our busy schedules and hectic routines, there is a crucial moment for self-discovery and deep reflection. Javier García Campayo guides us towards the understanding that stopping is not a weakness, but a strength that allows us to live a fuller and more conscious life.
If you are seeking wisdom on how to find greater meaning in your life and discover your true purpose, this interview is a must-read.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the mind of a mindfulness expert and discover the transformative power of stopping and contemplating in the pursuit of a fuller and more meaningful life.

Javier Garcia Campayo: Referent in mindfulness and mental health in Spain.

Javier Garcia Campayo is a renowned Spanish psychiatrist and researcher, with an outstanding career in the field of mindfulness and mental health. With a solid background in medicine and psychiatry, he has practiced at the Miguel Servet University Hospital and has been a professor at the University of Zaragoza and the UNED. He is the author of numerous scientific articles and books on mindfulness and compassion. It promotes this practice through conferences, media and important events, being a reference in Spain in this field. She also promotes mindfulness training at the University of Zaragoza.

Biography of Javier Garcia Campayo

Javier Garcia Campayo is a renowned Spanish psychiatrist and researcher with an extensive career in the field of mental health and mindfulness. His academic training includes a degree in Medicine obtained at the University of Zaragoza and a PhD in Psychiatry, completed in 1993 also at the University of Zaragoza. His doctoral thesis was entitled ‘Clinical and epidemiological aspects of somatization phenomena in primary care’, which is evidence of his interest in psychiatry and quality medical care.

Training in medicine and psychiatry

Javier Garcia Campayo’s training as a psychiatrist is a fundamental element in his professional career. He obtained his medical degree in 1986, giving him a solid foundation in medical and scientific knowledge. Subsequently, he specialized in Psychiatry, acquiring the necessary knowledge for the approach to mental health and the treatment of various psychiatric pathologies.

Experience at Miguel Servet University Hospital

The Miguel Servet University Hospital has been the main scenario of the clinical experience of Javier Garcia Campayo. Since 1994, he has been practicing as a psychiatrist in the Psychiatry Department of this renowned hospital, where he has developed a wide range of care and has provided specialized medical attention to patients with various mental disorders. His experience in this hospital has allowed him to acquire a deep knowledge of clinical practice in the field of mental health.

Teaching activity at the University of Zaragoza and the UNED (Spanish Open University)

Javier Garcia Campayo has played a prominent role as a professor in academia. He is a full professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza, where he shares his knowledge and experience with new generations of health professionals. In addition, he also teaches on the Master’s Degree in Psychopathology and Health at the National University of Distance Education (UNED), contributing to the training of professionals in the field of mental health at a national level.

Research and publications

Javier Garcia Campayo’s research work has been widely recognized in the field of mindfulness and mental health. Throughout his career, he has conducted several studies on the effectiveness of mindfulness as a therapeutic technique.

Studies on the effectiveness of mindfulness

Garcia Campayo has conducted important scientific research to evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of mindfulness in the treatment of various mental and physical disorders. His studies have addressed issues such as stress reduction, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Authorship of scientific articles and books

As a result of his research, Javier Garcia Campayo has published more than two hundred scientific articles in specialized journals. His contributions have covered different areas of mental health and have served as a reference for other researchers in the field of mindfulness.

In addition to scientific articles, he has also written several outstanding books on mindfulness and compassion, such as “Practical Handbook of Mindfulness: Curiosity and Acceptance”, “Mindfulness and Compassion: The New Revolution” and “The Science of Compassion: Beyond Mindfulness”. These publications have helped to spread the practice of mindfulness to both the professional and general public.

Participation in congresses and related events

Javier Garcia Campayo has been a featured speaker at national and international conferences related to mindfulness and mental health. His participation in these events has allowed him to disseminate the results of his research and share knowledge with other experts in the field.

It has also organized the International Meeting on Mindfulness, an annual congress that brings together professionals and researchers from around the world to discuss and share advances in the application of mindfulness in various contexts.

Mindfulness and mental health

Mindfulness is a practice that has gained recognition in recent years for its numerous benefits in improving mental health. It consists of paying full attention to the present moment, without judgment or evaluation, through meditation and conscious breathing techniques. This approach has proven to be an effective tool in the management of stress, anxiety and depression.

Concept and practice of mindfulness

Mindfulness is based on the idea of being present in the here and now, cultivating an attitude of curiosity and acceptance towards our internal and external experiences. Through practices such as mindfulness meditation and mindfulness in daily activities, we seek to develop greater awareness and a deeper connection with oneself.

Applications of mindfulness in the improvement of mental health

The application of mindfulness in the field of mental health has been the subject of numerous investigations and studies. It has been proven that this practice can reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, promoting greater emotional and psychological well-being. In addition, mindfulness has been used successfully in the treatment of eating disorders, addictions and sleep disorders.

Importance of mindfulness in today’s society

In an increasingly fast-paced and demanding society, mindfulness is presented as an essential tool to counteract stress and improve mental health. This practice invites us to disconnect from the fast pace and cultivate greater self-awareness, thus promoting a higher quality of life and emotional well-being. Mindfulness has also been shown to be beneficial in work environments, promoting concentration, creativity and stress management.

Mindfulness and wellness promotion

Dissemination through books, conferences and the media

Javier Garcia Campayo stands out in the promotion of mindfulness and wellness through various forms of dissemination. One of them is through his books, where he explores the importance of mindfulness in daily life and shares practices and techniques for its application. Some of his most notable books include ‘Practical Handbook of Mindfulness: Curiosity and Acceptance’, ‘Mindfulness and Compassion: The New Revolution’ and ‘The Science of Compassion: Beyond Mindfulness’.

In addition to writing, Javier Garcia Campayo actively participates in conferences and events related to mindfulness and wellness. Through these presentations, he shares his knowledge and experience, and promotes the importance of cultivating mindfulness on a daily basis. These lectures and talks are opportunities for attendees to learn about mindfulness and how to integrate it into their lives.

Likewise, Javier Garcia Campayo uses the media to spread the message of mindfulness and wellness. He appears regularly in television programs, radio interviews and newspaper articles, where he shares his perspective and knowledge on these topics. In this way, it reaches a wider audience and raises awareness of the importance of mindfulness in today’s society.

Relationship of mindfulness to stress management and wellbeing

One of the main focuses of Javier Garcia Campayo in the promotion of mindfulness is its relationship with stress management and well-being. Through her clinical and research experience, she has demonstrated how regular mindfulness practice can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality and strengthen emotional resilience.

Mindfulness invites us to be present in the present moment, without judgment or evaluation. This mindfulness allows us to become aware of our thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations, which in turn helps us to more effectively manage stress and cultivate greater emotional well-being.

In addition, mindfulness invites us to abandon the constant rumination on the past or the future, focusing on the here and now. This allows us to enjoy our daily experiences more fully and, at the same time, reduce unnecessary anxiety and worry.

Mindfulness training and featured events

Javier Garcia Campayo is an advocate of mindfulness training both personally and professionally. It recognizes the importance of acquiring skills in this area in order to integrate mindfulness into our lives and, in the case of health professionals, to be able to apply it in their clinical practice.

In this sense, Javier Garcia Campayo highlights the International Congress of Mindfulness, held in Zaragoza, as an outstanding event that brings together experts and professionals in mindfulness and mental health. This congress provides a platform to exchange knowledge, share research and learn from leaders in the field.

In addition, Javier Garcia Campayo also mentions the Master in Mindfulness of the University of Zaragoza, an opportunity for those who wish to deepen the study and practice of mindfulness. This academic program provides a rigorous and comprehensive training in mindfulness, allowing students to acquire the necessary skills to apply it in their personal and professional lives.

Mindfulness in Spain and the healthcare field

The practice of mindfulness has had a great influence and diffusion in Spain in recent years. More and more people are interested in this technique, which combines mindfulness, meditation and conscious breathing to improve mental health. In the healthcare field, mindfulness has been recognized as an effective tool for the treatment of various disorders and for promoting emotional well-being.

Influence and diffusion of mindfulness in Spain

  • The growing interest in mindfulness is reflected in increased participation in courses, workshops and related events by health professionals, educators and the general public.
  • In different provinces of the country, associations and centers specialized in the teaching of mindfulness have been created, which is evidence of the scope and importance that this practice has acquired in Spanish society.
  • The diffusion of mindfulness has increased thanks to the collaboration of experts such as Javier Garcia Campayo, who has promoted this practice through books, conferences and the media. His work as a disseminator has contributed significantly to the incorporation of mindfulness in the daily lives of many people.

Relationship of mindfulness with medicine and the University of Zaragoza

The healthcare field has been one of the main fields of application of mindfulness in Spain. Medicine has recognized the benefits of this practice for the management of stress, anxiety and depression, among other mental disorders.

The University of Zaragoza, where Javier Garcia Campayo has been a professor, has played a fundamental role in mindfulness research and training. In addition to offering its own Master’s Degree in Mindfulness, the university has organized the International Mindfulness Congress in Zaragoza, becoming a national reference.

Perspectives and future of mindfulness in Spain

The future of mindfulness in Spain looks promising. More and more institutions and health professionals are incorporating this practice in their services, recognizing its effectiveness in the care of mental health and emotional well-being.

Scientific research on the effects of mindfulness is expected to continue to grow, leading to the development of new applications in areas such as education, sports and business.

In addition, the growing demand for mindfulness training indicates that this practice will continue to expand and reach an increasing number of people, with the aim of improving their quality of life and promoting their overall well-being.

Compassion in mindfulness practice

Compassion plays a fundamental role in the mindfulness approach, extending beyond mindfulness to the present moment. Compassion refers to the ability to have empathy and understanding towards oneself and others, cultivating feelings of love and kindness.

Importance of compassion in the mindfulness approach

In mindfulness practice, compassion helps us to develop a kind and understanding attitude towards our own experience, without judging or criticizing ourselves. This allows us to accept and manage our emotions in a healthier way, reducing suffering and promoting emotional and mental well-being.

Relationship between mindfulness and compassion in improving wellness

The combination of mindfulness and compassion enhances the benefits of both practices. By being aware of our emotions and thoughts through mindfulness, we can be compassionate with ourselves and others. Compassion helps us cultivate closer, more authentic relationships and strengthens our emotional resilience.

Application of compassion in daily life and society

Compassion is not only limited to mindfulness practice, but also translates into concrete actions in our daily lives and in our society. By showing compassion toward others, we foster empathy, collaboration and the building of healthier, more caring communities.

Aragon: Key space for mindfulness in Spain

Aragon has become a prominent place for the practice and dissemination of mindfulness in Spain. This autonomous community hosts various events and programs related to this discipline, as well as pioneering initiatives that promote its development and application in different fields.

International Mindfulness Congress in Zaragoza

One of the most significant events is the International Mindfulness Congress, held in the city of Zaragoza. This congress brings together experts, researchers and practitioners from around the world to share knowledge, experiences and advances in the field of mindfulness. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest research and trends in this discipline, as well as to establish networks for collaboration and mutual learning.

Master’s Degree in Mindfulness at the University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza offers its own Master’s Degree in Mindfulness, which provides specialized training in this area. This academic program provides the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the application of mindfulness in different professional fields. Students have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as their application in the field of mental health, personal well-being and performance enhancement.

Influence of Aragón in the practice and diffusion of mindfulness.

Aragon has proven to be a benchmark in the practice and dissemination of mindfulness in Spain. This autonomous community has numerous professionals and centers dedicated to the teaching and application of this discipline. It has also been the scene of important research and projects that have contributed to the advancement and recognition of mindfulness as a fundamental tool for wellbeing and mental health.

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