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Path to Self-Knowledge – Episode 2

Do we have principles? Do we live by them? Are we a Society without Values? These are some of the questions that Episode 2 of the Road to Self-Knowledge Documentary brings us.

It is said that human beings are social beings by nature, we need to relate to each other and we live in increasingly larger and more complex societies. We relate to our families, our partners, our friends etc. We relate to the world with difficulty, as we have more or less learned. We take references from our parents, from what we see at home, at school, in the street….

  • Are we aware of how we relate to our environment?
  • Do we know our moral principles?
  • Do we live by them?

There is an ancient discipline practiced by some 500 million people around the world, a daily practice, a philosophy of life, a path to self-knowledge.

In this second installment, (Episode 1) we discover that Yoga proposes 8 steps to enlightenment, 8 steps to consciousness: Practice is the positive aspect of yoga, and involves yama, niyama, asana and pranayama. The involutive path of renunciation involves pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi. Nuria Schneider, authorized level 2 teacher by Sharath Jois. (mysore), tells us about the first step, the Yamas, and its ethical principles for living in society.

We all create a character, a mask, a personality structure to relate to society, but few know it. We do not look inside ourselves, we do not know ourselves and therefore we are not aware of how we relate, how we communicate or how we interact with others.

Technology and social networks are fostering the construction of our character. We build an image of ourselves. Based on what we see and what we would like to be. We expose this character, this unrealistic and unrealistic image of ourselves, that’s why we feel like liars, actors of ourselves who permanently pretend to be what we are not, and that’s why we get frustrated, stressed and suffer.

Self-knowledge allows you to access that character and the reasons why we have built it. We learn to know ourselves, with our values and our shortcomings, identifying our principles to start living in society in a healthier and more natural way. Are you aware of how you act in society? Do you know your character?

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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