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We are a Sick Society Why are we sick?

We are a sick society, according to Marian Rojas Estapé.

Our way of life has changed a lot in the last few years and is changing faster and faster. We are not used to living the way we do and what has become a normal rhythm of life is detrimental to us, we have become a sick society .

Why are we so sick?

There are many of us who ask ourselves this question, we feel permanently sick and we don’t know why. This video shows some of the reasons why, according to Dr. Psychiatrist Marian Rojas Espatapé, we are so sick.

Our way of seeing reality, our limiting beliefs or our state of mind are the reasons why we are sick.

We are a sick society, we live stressed, depressed and narcotized. Our way of thinking and our way of feeling are directly related to our mental and physical health.. We are emotionally ill, our thoughts generate emotions and certain emotions provoke illnesses as well as other symptoms such as:

  • Low defenses
  • Migraines
  • Discomfort and mood swings
  • Memory loss
  • Sleep problems
  • Exhaustion

How can we avoid feeling so sick?

According to Marian Rojas, there are some practices that we can carry out to prevent these symptoms:

  • Daily exercise
  • Managing our thoughts
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Meditate every day
  • Taking care of your diet (Omega 3)
  • Spending less time on screens
  • Use fewer drugs because they do not cure, they only cover up.
  • Talking to release our discomfort
  • Managing our time to reduce stress
  • No drugs and alcohol
  • Being less busy
  • Spending time with ourselves
  • Knowing yourself

We must be aware that by managing our thoughts, we will change our emotions and improve our mental and physical health.

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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