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Enjoy your Seventh Online Yoga Class for Seeker Users

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Namaste, dear yoga students!

Today I want to share with you the incredible benefits you will experience by practicing yoga sessions focused on strengthening the arms and improving balance on arms. These practices are challenging, but I assure you that it will be worth every effort you make. Let me guide you through the wonderful benefits that await you.

First of all, by working on strengthening our arms, we will develop remarkable muscle strength. Our biceps, triceps and deltoids will gradually strengthen, allowing us to perform more advanced movements and more challenging poses. Imagine how exciting it will be to see how their strength increases and how they manage to overcome obstacles that seemed unreachable before!

In addition to strengthening, focusing on balance on arms is an excellent way to improve our stability. When we strive to maintain a stable posture, our core muscles (such as those of the abdomen and lower back) are strengthened, providing us with a solid foundation to maintain balance in all areas of our lives. Over time, you will notice how your overall balance improves, which will give them self-confidence and reduce the risk of falling or injury.

We cannot overlook the mental aspect of these practices. Working on arm balances requires full attention and intense concentration. As we focus on finding the right balance and maintaining our posture, our minds are freed from distractions and become immersed in the present moment. This practice improves our ability to concentrate and pay attention, which in turn benefits us both on the yoga mat and off the mat in our daily lives.

But that’s not all. By mastering these challenging postures, you will experience a significant increase in your personal confidence. They will feel how their self-esteem is strengthened and how they face other life challenges with a more confident and positive attitude. Remember that every time you overcome an obstacle in practice, you are building a solid foundation to overcome any obstacle that comes your way in life!

Last but not least, our yoga sessions focusing on arms and balance provide incredible stress relief. As we immerse ourselves in the practice, we find ourselves in a state of calm and tranquility. The physical effort and concentration required to maintain these challenging postures helps us to release the accumulated tension in our bodies, allowing us to experience an overall sense of well-being and deep relaxation.

So, dear students, I invite you to incorporate these yoga sessions into your regular routine. Take the step towards a stronger and more balanced version of yourself! I am here to guide and support you on this journey. Remember that every little progress you make on the yoga mat will translate into great benefits in your daily life. Be confident in your power and enjoy the fruits of your dedication!


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In this video you can get to know our teacher and what the class consists of:

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