Self-sabotage of oneself: Observe your mind

The mind sabotages us

Self-sabotage of oneself, the mind sabotages us and traps us in the eternal duality between ego and essence, which makes us live stressed, frustrated and unhappy.

The EGO, a term widely used in the enneagram of the personality, that inner voice that sounds in our heads. The ego’s function is to protect us and make us survive.

Being aware that it exists, observing our mind and realizing how it works, is the key to AWAKENING AWARENESS, to live in ESSENCE, without frustration, stress and discomfort. A thought generates an emotion and an emotion generates an action; this is the basis of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Observing your mind or Ego, understanding how it works and the emotions it provokes, is the key to the awakening of consciousness. If we are not aware of this, of the duality of ego and essence, we spend our whole life stressed and in permanent anxiety.

The mind sabotages us relentlessly, the sabotage of oneself against oneself never ends and never stops, unless we are aware of it, how it works and how it makes us feel. If we are able to observe our mind, our thoughts, to know ourselves and to observe our mind, then we will be able to choose our way of feeling and our state of mind, which will condition our way of acting.

The mind does not leave us in peace, Mindfulness and meditation are recommended practices to get to observe your mind, your thoughts and emotions to realize how we work and therefore, coming to understand us to love us and have inner peace.

In this video we intend to show the ego blackmail, the self-sabotage of oneself, a self-sabotage of the mind that happens to us in each of the things of our day to day life.

Do you listen to your ego? Observe your mind. You are not your ego you are not your mind

Don’t believe anything you just read, experiment and think for yourself.

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